Eric & Steve Cohen
The Dancing Twins

Although not a part of the primary cast the dancing twins have seemed to gain a lot of popularity with the viewers, so I thought I would do the bio on them this week. You gotta love those twins!! Eric & Steve Cohen are multi-skilled entertainers! With their BA's from Stanford University, they could have gone on to do anything, but fortunately for us, they decided to come to Hollywood and share their talents. They are best known as The Dancing Twins on Ally McBeal. They choreograph all their hot moves, which include the "Funky Chicken", "Robocop", and "The Train". They have also been recognized for their juggling skills, and can be seen juggling in such films as "Batman Forever", "Batman and Robin", and the upcoming "Baby Geniuses", and on the television shows "Seinfeld", "Mad About You", and "Baywatch". Besides dancing and professional juggling, their other skills include: unicycle, ping pong, accordion, chess, balloon animals, crossword puzzles, typing 101 words per minute, pinball, piano, body building, plate spinning, and darts.

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