Lisa Nicole Carson Bio

Ally Character: Renee Radick (1997- Present)
Height: 5' 6"
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York USA
Birth Date: July, 12 1969

Dubious Claims To Fame: Was arrested on February 22, 2000 in Los Angeles for "intentionally interfering with a lawful business establishment...and refusing to leave the premises" after she began screaming obscenities in the L'Ermitage Hotel. Named one of People magazine's 10 worst dressed (September 20, 1999). She was also named one of the 10 sexiest women of the year in 2000 by the readers of Black Men magazine, which probably helped her to get over People's claim.

Trivia: Born in the sign of Cancer (the Crab); has a small tattoo of a crab on her belly and she also has a tattoo of 'Gypsy' on her arm and tattoos on her back and stomach. Creative crutches include cigars (preferably Al Capone Sweets)and fruit shakes.

Acting Roles: Lisa is most well known as Carla Reese mother of snappish Dr. Peter Benton's child on the hit drama E.R. A great theatre career in New York helped launch her into such movies as Samuel L. Jackson's critically acclaimed Eve's Bayou. Her contract was not renewed for the hit televison series "ER (1994)", on August 22, 2001, because the writers and producers were tired of her "unpleasant attitude".

Filmography: click here to read about her other roles

Renee Radick: Renee is an assistant district attorney & Ally's soundingboard/ roommate. Renee does her very best to encourage Ally's well-hidden outrageous side. Such as challenging her to a dirty joke duel. Despite her frank speeches on sexuality & a brief infatuation with the Biscuit, Renee has yet to find her own romance.

Lisa Nicole Carson: "I think the relationships between the women are real and honest. I don't think it's a fairy tale portrayal of the way that women interact with each other. I think it's pretty much dead-on as far as my relationship with Ally." -TV Quest, October 24,1998

Lisa Nicole Carson's career got off to a singing start, when at 15 years of age she played Ronette in a local production of the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Soon after, Carson began to train with the Negro Ensemble Company and began appearing on a variety of off-Broadway shows. Her theater credits include Club 12, Hey Little Walter, Little Shop Of Horrors, Tar Beach Incidentals and Work It!. After working for a while on stage, Carson moved on to television where she performed as a regular on the Apollo Comedy Hour from 1992-1993. Lisa Nicole's feature film debut came in 1992 with Let's Get Buzzee which was soon followed by a string of feature films and made-for-television movies, including 1995's Diva's. In 1996, Lisa Nicole Carson received a major career break, when she was cast as Carla Reese, the unwed mother of Peter Benton's baby, on NBC's hit series ER. Her Ally McBeal role as Renee Radick soon followed, and Carson found herself working double duty, performing on two hit television shows.

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