Ally McBeal's Clothes

The Suits & Shoes

Ally's suits for the show retail between $300 and $800. The most frequently worn suit labels are Bebe; Parallel; Tahari; Emporio Armani; Christian Frances Roth; DKNY; INC. at Macy's; Laundry; and Claudio, from the store of the same name in the Beverly Center. The shoes are from Charles David and Kenneth Cole.

The P.J.'s

According to an article in the March 19th, 1998 edition of the New York Daily News, you may not be able to find a pair of the Nick & Nora "counting-sheep" pajamas in stores until the fall clothing season.  Since appearing on the series in December, the pajamas have sold out in most stores that were carrying them, including Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom's. According to the owner of Nick & Nora, they will begin producing them and will have them in the stores in time for the "fall season."  According to the Daily News, you can also order them directly from the company for $65 by calling their order line at (212) 629-9500. And also from Victoria's Secret Catalog.

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