Courtney Thorne-Smith Gets Engaged

The "Ally McBeal" Star is Ready to Tie the Knot

By N.F. Mendoza (

Managing Editor, UltimateTV News

"Ally McBeal" star Courtney Thorne-Smith is engaged to be married. She'll wed Andrew Conrad, Ph.D., Director, Research and Development of National Genetics Institute of Culver City. Thorne-Smith, formerly "Allison" of Fox's "Melrose Place" celebrated her 30th birthday earlier this month. She also starred, along with "Seinfeld's" Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the 1988 sitcom "Day By Day." She got her start in the biz in 1986 when she took over Jennifer Jason Leigh's film role in the short-lived TV version of "Fast Times At Ridgemont High," with a recurring role on "L.A. Law" and in the feature film "Lucas," with Charlie Sheen.