Ally McBeal Restroom Might Start a Trend

First there was that darn dancing baby. Then there was the almost invisible miniskirt, followed by the almost invisible star. But the next trend started by Fox's Ally McBeal may be the most irritating yet: the unisex bathroom.

Yarde Metals, a Connecticut metal-distribution company, plans to feature a unisex bathroom in its newest plant, reports The New York Times. The loo will be similar to the one in which Ally and her coworkers do everything except use the facilities.

What's behind the restroom restructuring? According to company president Craig Yarde, a unisex bathroom "sends a message that we're all in this together."

Although some might find the idea a bit unpleasant, industrial psychologist Andrew DuBrin sees a societal benefit to this unusual lavatory setup. "Bathroom hand-washing among men has declined quite a bit in recent decades," he tells the Times. "Maybe this would get them to change that." Karen Burns