Star Struck

New Year's is traditionally the time to take a peek ahead. What does 1999 hold for your favorite star?

SCORPIO -- Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), born Nov. 11, 1964. Dancing babies, tooth-inspecting judges. frog funerals -- on-screen this star has a lot of oddball mayhem to contend with each week. In one episode, Georgia asks Ally "What makes your problems so much bigger than anyone else's?" To which Ally replies, "Because they're mine." Scorpios like Flockhart take nothing lightly, and have great flair for making their problems much, much larger than life. Yet they can also be very secretive about major issues. OK, the big question: Does she or doesn't she have an eating disorder? The similarities between Flockhart's chart and another celebrity who had her own well-publicized battle with bulimia, Diana, Princess of Wales, are striking. But as a Scorpio, everyone's favourite TV lawyer is made of much more resilient stuff than the Princess. Too often, though, Scorpios try to tough it out, maintaining control above all else. This star has amazing reserves of gutsiness under her fragile, slightly vulnerabe facade. Still, the intense pressure of being in the spotlight can Frazzle anyone. Flockhart would be wise to take time before the summer- to deal with health, face a possible setback or even breakdown in the fall.