TSR Wireless Supports Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood and The Sara Lee-Ralph's "Run For Youth" Benefit Run

Bob Hope, Dick Clark and Betty White among luminaries joining to support Boys & Girls Club with "Pages of Encouragement"

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Feb, 22, 1999-- Mitch Sacks, president of TSR Wireless LLC (``TSR Wireless'',) has announced the Company's support for the Hollywood Boys & Girls Club and the Sara Lee-Ralph's ``Run for Youth'' benefit run at Paramount Studios to be held on March 7, 1999. Hollywood celebrities, recording artists, and professional athletes have joined TSR Wireless in the support by agreeing to send ``Pages of Encouragement.''

``Pages of Encouragement'' will be sent by ``Paging Pals'' to the children of the Hollywood Boys & Girls Club as they train for the Sara Lee-Ralph's ``Run for Youth'' benefit run on March 7. This run raises funds for six different children's charities. Approximately six thousand people are expected to be in attendance this year.

``We have donated alphanumeric pagers to members of the Boys & Girls Club to be used from Feb. 7 through March 7,'' said Sachs, President of TSR Wireless. ``'Pages of Encouragement' from 'Paging Pals' will be sent via the TSR Wireless paging system to the kids of the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood reminding them that they have support as they train for and participate in this event.'' Sacks also added that the children will be carrying their alphanumeric pagers and wearing ``Paging Pals'' T-shirts the day of the race.

Hollywood celebrities, recording artists, and professional athletes that are supporting the Hollywood Boys & Girls Club and the ``Run for Youth'' benefit run as ``Paging Pals'' are Bob Hope, Dick Clark, Betty White, Kate Linder and Heather Tom of the Young and the Restless, Chad Allen of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Leeza Gibbons, John Forsythe, Dick Van Patten, Mr. Blackwell, Clint and Lisa Black, Phillippi Sparks of the New York Giants, and Tommy John formerly of the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox.

Also participating in the Sara Lee-Ralph's ``Run for Youth'' benefit run will be celebrities from many well-know television shows like Ally McBeal, Melrose Place, Baywatch, Providence and Felicity.

Don Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Hollywood Boys & Girls Club said, ``We are pleased to have the support of TSR Wireless and look forward to the positive reinforcement that 'Pages of Encouragement' will bring to our kids. Messages from these famous people will surely motivate the kids to work hard, stay dedicated, and feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.''

Samples of ``Pages of Encouragement'' that will be sent to the Hollywood Boys & Girls Club from celebrities are:

Bob and Dolores Hope:

- Stretch, drink plenty of water and make sure your shoelaces are tied.

- I used to be quite a runner. With an act like mine I had to learn to move fast to dodge the rotten tomatoes.

- Run fast, run well -- and when you get to a crosswalk look both ways.

Betty White:

- Just keep remembering to put one foot in front of the other until you find victory at the finish line.

Clint and Lisa Black:

-- You should run with your eyes open and your mouth closed. This will keep the bugs from sticking to your teeth.

``Pages of Encouragement'' originated from the mind of Marie Patrick, executive director of the L.A. Marathon.

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