Notable Quotes

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) - They said it -- notable quotes in show business world:

``I kept my dirty laundry in my hamper. And that's all I'll say.''

-- New ``NYPD Blue'' recruit RICK SCHRODER, on his wild youth, in US magazine.

``I don't want to spend two months worrying about writing 'Saving Private Ryan' jokes.''

-- BILLY CRYSTAL, giving one reason why he's not hosting this year's Academy Awards, in US magazine.

``It's a slap in the face to everyone who suffered.''

-- CHRISTOPHER TRUMBO, son of blacklisted writer DALTON TRUMBO, on the honorary Oscar being given to filmmaker ELIA KAZAN, who ``named names'' during the 1950s communist witchhunt.

``I wouldn't dream of asking Chelsea and Mrs. Clinton to forgive me, but I would ask them to know that I am very sorry for what happened and for what they've been through.''

-- MONICA LEWINSKY, quoted by the Daily News as telling BARBARA WALTERS in an ABC interview to be aired Wednesday.

``I couldn't go on the set this time. It's the first time I haven't gone on the set. I wrote everyone a little note.''

-- AARON SPELLING, in a ``Hard Copy'' interview, on his inability to tell the cast of ``Melrose Place'' about the show's cancellation.

``I don't know how she takes it, but she has a strong constitution. She doesn't let it get to her. I respect her so much.''

-- ``Ally McBeal'' co-star JESSE L. MARTIN, on the media attention on alleged anorexic CALISTA FLOCKHART.