Hollywood Grapevine

Fox's Ally McBeal — starring Calista Flockhart, the woman with the shortest skirts and smallest waistline on TV — is scoring its best ratings ever this season. But the guy who created Ally (as well as ABC's Emmy-winning best drama, The Practice) says Ally may not have long legs."I see The Practice as a series whose success could go on for a long time,"says David E. Kelley, who writes and produces both shows. "One of the luxuries of a law show is…you're not focused constantly on exploring your main characters every single week. Much of Ally's appeal is that it's different and original, but after a while that could wane. I'm hoping that both of them will have long lives, but I think that by its nature The Practice will have a longer one." But don't expect to see Kelley on the unemployment line. He's developing an ABC series called Snoops about a high-tech detective firm and awaiting the upcoming release of his feature film, "Mystery, Alaska," starring Russell Crowe and Burt Reynolds.