Star Boards: Dylan McDermott

This guy's got every woman's attention and every critic's praise. As the forthright legal-eagle boss on David E. Kelley's The Practice, he turns heads weekly. But 36-year-old Dylan McDermott is out to prove he's not just another pretty face.

Getting his start in the mostly forgotten Hamburger Hill, he broke ground and proved his mettle taking a veritable rainbow of roles, from Clint Eastwood's In the Line of Fire to Miracle on 34th Street to the upcoming Three to Tango, with Neve Campbell and Matthew Perry.

Born in Connecticut and reared in the city that never sleeps, McDermott first got bit by the acting bug when he was thrust into the spotlight by a playwright aunt. He went on to earn a drama degree from Fordham University and made his debut in Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues on Broadway.

But it's his recent success on the ABC drama that has made this hunk a household name. His appearance on Kelley's other hit Ally McBeal also made waves--creating a buzz about the possible romance between McDermott's character and the ever-neurotic Ally (Calista Flockhart)...and catapulting The Practice's ratings.

When he's not on the set, this family man likes to hang at home with wife Shiva Afshar and two-year-old daughter Colette. (Fans of the show may have noticed Shiva's recent role on the discrimination episode.)

So, what did Dylan have to say about his stint with Calista, his flick with Neve and his role with Jodie? You, find out.

From lilpad: Who did you admire as a child that made you want to act?
I loved watching Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant and James Dean.

From b_m_c: The Practice is a really intense drama. Does the cast joke around between takes to relieve some of the pressure?
Yeah, we have a lot of fun. I like to do my off-camera work in different accents to keep it fresh and funny, especially when Linda Hunt guests [as the no-nonsense judge].

From leggyone: Is there any possibility that Bobby and Helen will get back together? They make a great couple.
They could, who knows? I'm now dating Lindsay, so it could be a little hard, since she lives with Helen...but you never know!

From nightwing01: Who would you pick to be Bobby's love interest--Helen or Lindsay?
I like them both. They're both so different. I think Lindsay's probably a better girlfriend for Bobby, but the sex was good with Helen, so it's confusing for Bob.

From kimberlyshaw: I heard you were up for the Kyle MacLachlan part in Showgirls. Any other interesting roles we almost saw you in?
I was offered Vampire Kiss and U.S. Marshals but didn't end up doing either one.

From valfan: Would you, if you had the chance, study to be a real lawyer?
No, I think I really explored what it's like to be a lawyer, and it's not for me. Too much duplicity and corruption for my taste.

From keeeeebler: If you weren't acting, what do you think you might be doing?
A photographer. I love black-and-white photos from the '20s and '30s.

From mrspeel: I can't decide whether I enjoyed your performance more in Till There Was You or Home for the Holidays. What's your favorite role to date, and why?
I think The Practice is the character I most identify with, so it's my favorite.

From dyer_rose: Has your privacy been greatly infringed upon since starring in a weekly series?
Yeah, it's amazing. I did 13 movies before The Practice and walked around unnoticed. Now it's hard to buy toothpaste without someone saying something. But it's all good.

From edstar: What was it like working with Neve Campbell and Matthew Perry?
Neve is wonderful. I just saw the movie a couple of weeks ago, and it's funny as hell. Matthew is really good in it, too.

From june26: What are your favorite movies of all time?
On the Waterfront, Last Tango in Paris, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Misfits, Angels with Dirty Faces, The Conformist, La Dolce Vita, Midnight Cowboy, The Tenant and A Woman Under the Influence. How's that?

From hazelmoon: If you were on a deserted island, what three things would you want with you?
Pictures of my wife and kid, the Miles Davis CD Kind of Blue and a copy of Crime and Punishment.

From ksteinbknr: What CDs are in your car right now?
The Isley Brothers' Greatest Hits, the new Beck, the new Lenny Kravitz and the new Smashing Pumpkins.

From jordan7: How was it working with Jodie Foster as a director in Home for the Holidays?
Great. Jodie is an amazing director with a lot of incredible ideas. She also trusts you enough to create your own character.

From buffyluvr69: My girlfriend wants to know--boxers or briefs?

From lu007: Will you be in any future shows with Ally McBeal as your love interest?
It really is up to David. I would love another crossover episode myself.

From chyde: How did you feel about the show winning its recent Emmys?
I was thrilled. The show was on the verge of cancellation in its Saturday-night slot, so no one was more happy than I was to win.