Whose A Rising Star: Calista Flockhart (Astrozine)

She's the new sensation of the television season: an angst-ridden, trying-to-get-there girl who wears the shortest of skirts and dances with a make-believe baby. How does Ally McBeal pull it off? For starters, hot TV producer David E. Kelley (Picket Fences, Chicago Hope) writes every word that comes out of Ally's mouth, making for some pretty witty repartee. More importantly, though, is that Kelley has fashioned a character which has struck a nerve. We relate to Ally. Seriously, who among us hasn't felt jealous of the other woman? wanted to strangle the boss? drowned in a pint of Ben & Jerry's?

Birth Details: November 11, 1964 Freeport, IL

Scorpio Calista Flockhart is the charming young actress who brings Ally to life. Interestingly enough, her Scorpio Sun is conjunct Neptune, the planet of make-believe. This conjunction tells us that Flockhart is Ally McBeal -- her character's daydreams are just as easily her own. A rich fantasy world is part of Flockhart's life, and she often finds herself questioning why she's chosen this particular career.

The Jupiter in her chart indicates that Flockhart craves material things. Luckily for her, they tend to fall into her lap! That Jupiter influence also dictates unpredictability, which means an occasional flash of temper wouldn't be surprising. Although Flockhart may appear to be sweetness and light, there's plenty bubbling underneath. She's definitely got a plan, since Scorpions are rarely fooled.

With her Venus in Libra, Flockhart is all about aesthetic, wanting to look good for herself and for others. It should be no surprise that Ally McBeal's short lavender suits are redefining business attire -- Flockhart knows how to carry it off! Her AquariusMoon, however, signals someone with a radical streak, a person who's way out there. Our Ally? or is that Calista Flockhart? Looks like they're one and the same.