Ally McBeal Star Flockhart Shines on And Makes Web History as the First Hi-Definition Movie Over the Web to a TV!

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 5, (a Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network Affiliate) has made web history by the Tranz-Cast(TM) of RKO Pictures sexy, quirky and entirely original comedy: Milk and Money. The film which was produced in 1996 and recently released on home video, stars Calista Flockhart, Robert Vaughn, Peter Boyle, and Olympia Dukakis. The ``Tranz-cast(TM)'' took place from Best/Verio servers located in Mountain View, California.

Astoundingly, the team was able to begin playing the movie before the Tranz-Cast was complete. The quality of the film was registered in at full-screen NTSC Video as it played on a normal 19`` consumer television, by legal representatives at a prestigious Silicon Valley law firm.

Tranz-Casting is a next generation information acquisition form which goes beyond downloading and dwarfs the sub-standard quality of streaming video. When goes into full swing, the days of commuting to rent a film or setting your schedule around a pay-per-view event will be over. You will be able to pick from a huge library of current as well as specialty genre films.

Content is currently flowing in. claims to already have two to three times more content resources than its nearest competitor.

Why did RKO trust with a digital master (A digital master is like ``gold'' in Hollywood)? Perhaps it was the five layers of defense-grade encryption technology that can be employed to insure the security of the studio content. Perhaps it was because the product could be turned into a Hi-Definition movie viewable from the web to your TV: thereby opening a whole new, and potentially very lucrative, additional revenue channel.

Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network's proprietary jewels include its: client-side broadcasting software(which permits unrivaled user control over the entire broadcasting network), server side software, server hardware, ``deep compression'' codecs, method claims, storage systems and defense-grade encryption systems.

Credentialed reporters are invited to our San Francisco facility to view the codec and the new software prior to public release to confirm its attributes.

RKO Pictures is a diversified entertainment company that specializes in the creation of high-quality productions reinvented from its vast library of titles, and also actively seeks out original material from promising writers for film and television production. The company is comprised of four key groups: RKO Producers' Circle, which focuses on bigger budget feature films in association with top Hollywood producers and other major motion picture studios; RKO Radio Pictures, which centers on smaller budget, independent films; RKO Television, creating made-for-television movies, mini-series, situation comedies and drama series for network television and cable channels; and RKO Entertainment, which focuses on developing businesses that adapt the RKO brand and intellectual property assets to reach new audiences and markets. The company maintains offices in New York and Los Angeles.