Lisa Nicole Carson Of 'Ally McBeal' And John O'Hurley Of 'Seinfeld' Make Hilarious Guest-Starring Appearances

This May brings all-new hilarious episodes of DAMON Mondays (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

On Monday, April 27, in "The Test," Bernard decides to take the police academy entrance exam and recruits Damon (Damon Wayans) to help him prepare. After a crash course in toughness, Bernard (David Alan Grier) proves he's ready for the academy, if he can only get past Lieutenant Byrne (Lisa Nicole Carson). Meanwhile, the captain's (Andrea Martin) plan to make her ex-husband jealous backfires and leaves her and Fontaine (Dom Irrera) in a hot and heavy situation. And when Damon goes undercover as Silky Smoove to bust a comedy club owner, he's the one who has the last laugh.

On Monday, May 4, Bernard assumes Damon's identity to win the heart of a woman, Carla, in "My Brother's So Called Life." Damon goes along with Bernard's ploy and even trades in his police badge for his brother's security guard whistle. But when Damon's patience wears thin, he forces Bernard to come clean. In the midst of breaking up a bank robbery, Carla discovers which brother is the real cop.

On Monday, May 11, in "The Last Cub Scout," Damon persuades Bernard to go camping with him to woo an old flame. But when Damon attempts to be one with nature, his true colors as a city slicker are revealed. Meanwhile, Billy's (Greg Pitts) little brother turns out to be a big pain and an even bigger scammer.

Bringing the month to a close is the season finale, "The Actor," on Monday, May 18. When a Hollywood actor, Woody Woodson (John O'Hurley), tags along with Damon to research an upcoming role, Damon's the one who finds himself in character. Meanwhile, Bernard and the captain put on their boogie shoes and team up to try to win a ballroom dancing contest.

DAMON is a NU Systems Production in association with Carsey-Werner. Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach, Damon Wayans and Dick Blasucci serve as executive producers.

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