Calista Opts for Off-Broadway

Dare we say that Calista Flockhart may be stretching herself a little thin?

Just a day after the Fox network announced that it's adding another half hour of Ally McBeal to the fall schedule, Variety reports Ally's Flockhart is bound for off-Broadway and A Gaggle of Saints.

The series of one-act plays was written by Neil LaBute, scribe and director of the caustic 1997 film In the Company of Men. According to the New York Post, Flockhart will appear in all three of the series' monologues, none of which are exactly fluffy, friendly comedies. They are:

"Iphegenia in Orem," in which Flockhart silently listens as another character confesses that he suffocated his baby daughter.

"Medea Redux," featuring Flockhart as a young woman who has an unsuccessful affair with her high school teacher and, years later, seeks revenge.

"Bash," focusing on the wife of a Mormon who, along with his peers, beats a homosexual to death during a trip to New York City.

Gaggle will run June 24 through July 24 at the Douglas Fairbanks Theater.