Lucy Liu Plays it Sexy

What's it like for Ally McBeal beauty Lucy Liu having to pull off potentially embarrassing scenes like seductively sucking the finger of one of her co-stars?

"Very hard," the sultry actress tells July's Gear magazine. "Because doing it at home is one thing, but... these are private moments. Ally has given me the ability to see myself as a woman in touch with her sexuality. And for me not so much in my real life as in my work that's a change."

The role of sexy ice princess Ling Woo without a doubt marks a change of pace for Liu, whose pre-Ally acting roles were more of the mother/babysitter variety. Working under imaginative Ally creator David E. Kelley, she now finds herself giving "hair jobs" (don't ask) and seductively licking the finger of co-star Greg Germann.

"It's difficult you don't want it to look pornographic, you want it to be sensual, but everybody's there," she says of playing sexy on the set. "What I ultimately do is just be completely empty, don't think about it, just do it. I guess you can't just go in thinking, 'I'm gonna be sexy.' " Rich Brown