Dissing "Dawson"

Dawson Leery hasn't gone Hollywood yet, but he's already taking heat for his morals.

A conservative watchdog group has singled out the angst-ridden wannabe filmmaker and his hormone-driven Dawson's Creek pals as the most offensive creatures that prime-time TV has to offer.

It's the second year running that the WB youth drama has "topped" the worst list, as compiled by the Parents Television Council.

"The show features an almost obsessive focus on premarital sexual activity," the council said. "...References to topics of pornography and condoms are commonplace..."

Dawson's Creek's groundbreaking gay-teen storyline is referenced by the group as giving "a thumbs up" to "teen self-identification."

Network sibling 7th Heaven, meanwhile, was knighted as the most family-friendly show on television. The WB drama about a minister and his wholesome brood was lauded for showing a loving parent who "offers wisdom and assistance to his family and flock..."

Rounding out the Parent Television Council's top five must-see list: Touched By an Angel (CBS); Promised Land (CBS); Early Edition (CBS) and Smart Guy (WB). (Both Promised Land and Smart Guy have been canceled.)

Making the organization's must-avoid top five: the now-deceased Melrose Place (Fox); Will & Grace (NBC); Ally McBeal (Fox); and Spin City (ABC).

CBS had the most family-friendly shows (four) in the Top 10; NBC and Fox, the least (zero).

ABC, NBC and Fox broadcast the most offensive shows, according to the Parents Television Council. Each landed three shows in the Top 10. CBS and the UPN had none.