Lucy Liu's Bizarre Sex Tale

Ally McBeal beauty Lucy Liu claims she once had sex with a mysterious spirit that continues to follow her everywhere she goes.

"I was sleeping on my futon on the floor, and some sort of spirit came down from God knows where and made love to me," the sultry star tells Us. "It was sheer bliss. I felt everything. I climaxed. And then he floated away. It was almost like what might have happened to Mary. That's how it felt. Something came down and touched me, and now it watches over me."

Liu, 31, also tells the magazine that she is "fascinated" by flesh and once spent time eyeing naked women in a San Jose (CA) spa. "I'm sitting there gawking at these ladies, because they're all different sizes and ages, ranging from 30 to 80 or whatever, and I find myself looking at them like some freak. And men too. How does that thing stand like that? Why is that hanging like that? It's so weird. I just don't understand."

Liu's fascination with flesh includes her hopes to one day photograph her own private parts. "I would love to experiment with that. I would love to have my legs spread open. I would love to see what it is."

Despite her openness, the single Liu insists that she's not interested in casual sex with her suitors. "I usually wait three or four months, because I think if somebody doesn't get to know you in a more intimate way than intercourse, forget about it, because they're never going to get to know you." Rich Brown