Lucy Liu Third Angel

The third angel slot in the movie version of Charlie's Angels is up for grabs again, and one sultry actress says she wants the job. According to the New York Daily News, Lucy Liu, who plays the slinky Ling on Ally McBeal, is telling folks she wants to join Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore in the girl detective pic.

But could Liu, who raised eyebrows and temperatures just this Monday as she indulged in a steamy small-screen kiss with co-star Calista Flockhart, get out of her commitment to the hit Fox show to squeeze in a feature film?

Most likely no, unless she can work evenings and weekends. Ally star Flockhart is shoehorning in a four-week run in the L.A.-area play Bash, with weekend-only performances, but we imagine the Angels shoot would be harder to work around.

Still, we imagine landing Liu would make the diversity-seeking producers happy, who'd previously offered the part to African-British actress Thandie Newton. (Newton had to pass; she's still tied up filming Mission: Impossible 2.)

By this point, the search for the third angel is almost as epic as David O. Selznick's hunt for Scarlett O'Hara, with nearly every actress and some non-actresses in Hollywood being mentioned for the part.

Angels producer Leonard Goldberg tells the News' Mitchell Fink who he'd like to see in the part: Double Jeopardy rising star Ashley Judd. "Ashley would be fabulous," Goldberg says. "But she's been working nonstop. Even beyond the accident, I know she wants to rest."

Judd's still in a cast; she fractured a fibula in a jet-skiing accident in Australia.

Is Goldberg nervous, with cameras set to role next month? "Production starts Dec. 6," says Goldberg. "We're talking to a lot of people, and we still have time."