Inside The Mind...The Soul...And The Heart...Of Ally Mcbeal

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--July 28, 1998-- ``The hippest, hottest show on television.'' -- TV Guide

"The most talked-about show of the season." -- Entertainment Weekly

Ally McBeal has been on the covers of TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, Self, and Us magazines, praised by The Los Angeles Times, New York Post, The New York Times, People magazine, and USA Today, and is fanatically watched by some 10 million viewers weekly. Now, ALLY McBEAL: THE DIARY (ReganBooks; November 1, 1998; trade paperback/original; $16.00) will capture everything the fans love about Ally--from her quirky friends and coworkers to her over-the-top fantasies; from her rules of kissing to her moments of wild inspiration, as well as her hopes, dreams, and frustrations. And for the watercooler crowd discussing ``what happened on Ally'' the night before, it will face all those prickly issues of romance, power, work, skirt length, family, and other modern concerns.

``Ally McBeal is a wonderfully complex character whose powerful connection to her generation deepens through her diary,'' says Judith Regan, President and Publisher of ReganBooks.

More than 250 black-and-white photos and a full-color photo insert feature all the rolling tongues, swelling heads, and dancing babies one could desire.

Not only is Ally McBeal the #1 rated show in its time-slot, but the official soundtrack recently launched gold with over 1 million copies sold. With fans eager for Ally's second season, ALLY McBEAL: THE DIARY will undoubtedly be the hottest read this fall.

ALLY McBEAL: THE DIARY Based on a TV series created by David E. Kelley, Written by Tim Appelo ReganBooks November 1, 1998 $16.00 ISBN: 0-060098813-4

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