Vanessa Marcil, who quits General Hospital this month to join Beverly Hills, 90210 for the fall season, won't comment on reports that she came very close to joining Ally McBeal instead (word is, Ally offered her a juicy running role shortly after she'd verbally committed to 90210). Nor will she talk about her offer to costar in "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer," which we hear was rescinded when producers decided her beauty would overpower that of another actress. But Marcil, engaged to GH star Tyler Christopher, will 'fess up to one thing: The movie she just wrapped, "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" (from the author of Real Men Don't Eat Quiche), hits very close to home. "I got scared when I read the script," says Marcil, "because my character -- this very manipulative Southern belle -- plays games I used to play before I met Tyler." Like? "Oh, sending yourself flowers to make a guy jealous. Seeing how long he'll sit on the other line while you take call-waiting. That sort of thing."