Best-Dressed Stars on TV


Describe your character's look: He pushes the envelope a little bit. There's nothing stuffy about him.

And your own look? I've worn jeans and sneakers since college. I'll go for something classic, never too snazzy.

Are you actively involved in Fish's look? I had the idea to dress in vests, something to differentiate him. He's got pizzazz.

Favorite designers: Armani and Zegna.

My costume supervisor Shelly Levine is a genius because… I've gone to him with ideas, but he's really executed them.

What do Fish's clothes say about him? He's confident and bold, and he doesn't go along with convention.

What is Fish thinking when he's getting dressed in the morning? He goes to his closet and grabs and throws it together. He's like a chef: He knows what goes together, and it comes out terrific.

Sizing up Fish: "He isn't in court much, so he can be more flamboyant," says Levine, who has since moved on to The Practice. "All of the men dress well, but he's the most fashionable."