Chat Transcript: Jane Krakowski

She plays Elaine, the office babe and gossip. Maybe you remember Jane from her soap years with "Search for Tomorrow." She played "T.R. Kendall." Jane has also been in many plays including "Starlight Express," on Broadway! Jane also sings. She was recently on the "Sondheim at the Movies" CD. Jane has a film coming out this summer called, "Dance With Me." She co-stars with Vanessa Williams.
funhouse : Do you get recognized a lot, and does it bug you?

Jane Krakowski : I have been getting recognized more and more. Mostly it's flattering, so to begrudge it once it's happening would be wrong. The first time I was recognized on an escalator in the Beverly Center, they said "I didn't recognize you when your head wasn't exploding." It's been hilarious. I get the full spectrum of comments.

DrumNBass : Who dances better, the Dancing Twins or that computer baby?

Jane Krakowski : They're pretty much equal, they can both dance really well... .those interesting offbeat touches really make the show. I think the computer baby is really inventive. I think it's so appropriate, so trend-setting, that it represents Ally's biological clock...

Wallert : Where did the "Face Bra" idea come about?

Jane Krakowski : David Kelley's imagination. He's come up with the most outrageous things for Elaine to do. When I open the script I've been known to yell out loud. If she became a millionaire from her invention... she'd never give up being a secretary because she loves it so much. She'd come in in diamonds... There's been such an amazing collaboration ...unspoken yet eerie, between David and the characters. Just when I think Elaine is getting really outrageous...he gives her a grounded scene. I haven't had any cause to go in and suggest things to him. He is far more creative. That's what makes the show really fun.

Drumnbass : If Elaine could give all of us here some gossip on the rest of the season on "Ally McBeal," what would it be?

Jane Krakowski : The cast & crew was honored at the museum of TV and radio, it was an honor for us. Calista had to leave early, and they asked me for the gossip on her they think I know all the gossip, but I'm actually the last person to know.

Jenny Weller: Does Randy Quiad have a good butt?

Jane Krakowski : I have no idea, I have never seen it. I'm amazed that so many people remember that movie... I think that now Ally is overtaking it, but "Vacation" is the most recognizable work I've ever done it's become this comedy cult favorite. I'm so happy to have been a part of that movie. I was really young when I made that movie. We were filming in Colorado and there was nothing there. On Saturday night we'd go to Kmart and play video games. Randy and Chevy took it upon themselves to entertain the kids. They lit fireworks on the fourth of July. Randy let us hang in his trailer. I laughed the whole two weeks I worked on that movie. That was my first movie. I was on a soap called "Search for Tomorrow" for two years when I was a teenager . Daytime shows are really different than nighttime shows.

Louise : When does Elaine get a love interest?

Jane Krakowski : Next year they will be expanding the characters more. There are so many of us, they've tried to expand us as much as they can. So next season they will but I have a may be a secret but it "might" be someone in the office! I kissed fish in one episode. I also kissed fish, but it never made it on the episode. The only one I haven't kissed was Billy.

Slapper : When will your spin off from "Ally McBeal" begin?

Jane Krakowski : (laughter)...I'm flattered that you think she should have one. You can write to fox if you think its necessary or appropriate.

Louise : Do you plan to do more Broadway on hiatuses? What classic show would you like to tackle?Jane Krakowski : I would love to do more Broadway. Most of my experience is in live performance. It's been a real change to not have a live audience there, the interplay with the audience. This year, my hiatus isn't long enough to do another Broadway show. I hope in the future there will be time to do another Broadway show. I always wanted to do 'Taming of the Shrew' or 'Streetcar named Desire.' I understand her (Blanche) insanity, illusions. I've been real fortunate to cross over and play many different facets of the industry. Many people get pegged into one thing, I've been lucky. I get to do Broadway, movies, TV, I'm also recording an album. I love to work I guess because I'm an actor we have so much time when we're not working. That when we are working I relish it. I love "Ally McBeal." It's one of the shows I would choose to watch.

Drumnbass : What do you do in your spare time?

Jane Krakowski : Spare time is rare... I try to keep up as much of a personal life I can. I love to dance, so I go dancing quite a bit, or take dance classes, it's a great way to blow off steam. I've been taking dance lessons since 3, it was my original goal to be a dancer. Dancing is one of my most artistic loves.

yodelboy : What's your new movie about?

Jane Krakowski : I did a movie called "Dance with Me." I started really taking my dance seriously during that time. That's one of the things I love to do. Swing dancing clubs and salsa clubs are fun too.

natasha bachurin: What actor would you most like to kiss?

Jane Krakowski : To kiss? On the show or in life in general? Whoa there are so many. I don't sit around thinking about these things. I think because of the character I play, that's what is on my brain 99.9%. There are many kissing scenes in movies I'd love to reenact. That scene where they made out in "No Way Out;" the movie called "The Last Seduction." Peter Berg...ooh!

Radarnet : Will your album have new material or covers?

Jane Krakowski : I've been doing covers, compilation albums. I've also done recordings for the Broadway shows I've been in. I have a great desire to make my own album soon. I have such an eclectic taste in music. I enjoy a singer named Alana Davis and Diana Krall. I'm really into female singers. Diana Krall does covers of jazz songs. And or standards in a jazzy way. Alana Davis is new and up and coming. She's like a jewel.

natasha bachurin: Do you prefer musicals or dramas on stage?

Jane Krakowski : The energies are different in both. It depends on the role. It all matters on what's intriguing in the roles.

Francoise : Iis there any actor you consider to be your mentor or someone you look up to?

Jane Krakowski : hmmm. I'm a huge fan of the older movie stars: Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Carole Lombard, I've worked with a lot of amazing actresses. In this movie I worked with Joan Plowright, and we became friends.We were the most unlikely pair...I've learned so much from Calista.We had been friends for years in New York. We're very different types of people and performers. We approach things differently. We've had different career paths. She's done great work in theatre. I've been more on the musical end. She's a lot shyer. Many of her qualities are something I'd like for myself. My scenes with Ally are probably my most complicated, and enjoyable to do. There's that woman to woman relationship that is complex and lives on many different levels.

yodelboy : "You were the babysitter in fatal attraction, right?"

Jane Krakowski : How do people know this stuff ? It was my 19th birthday, I couldn't think of a better way than to spend it with then with Michael Douglas. There were some scenes that didn't make it. There were some scenes where he was flirting with my character. They were really fun to film, for a girl of 19, I was really taken in by Michael Douglas.

Wallabee666 : What kind of other television shows do you watch on your free time?

Jane Krakowski : I love 'Seinfeld' and 'Frasier', for comedies...I've missed a large part of 90s culture because I missed most of 'Seinfeld.' I love news magazine shows...'20/20.' '60 minutes' also, though their politics is a little heavy-handed for me.

Radarnet : Are you married?

Jane Krakowski : No.

Francoise : So you've done movies, soaps and comedy episodes...which is the most fun?

Jane Krakowski : It varies on the part you're playing and the surrounding environment. This has been one of the most enjoyable years of my life, it's fun playing Elaine. And being a part of 'Ally McBeal.' There's an entire world that works on 'Ally' after we film it, I've been so surprised how much it has encompassed for me. I never thought I'd be singing on the show, or recording with Vonda and the band. It's been a great learning experience for me. I did a musical called 'Company' which is also a of the best times as a performer for me...also working on 'Grand Hotel'

Radarnet : Had you heard of Vonda Shepard before "Ally"?

Jane Krakowski : Yes I had...I worked in Chicago and went to a record store. I told the person at the store I liked female singers, bluesy style. He introduced me to Vonda's music a year before she was on "Ally." I was blown away when I found out Vonda was part of the show. I knew the show would be different and original when I knew she was in the script. I was first nervous meeting her, but we hang out a lot. Vonda's so down to earth. She's on tour during hiatus, playing to thousands of people.

Toddybond : If you meet a man for the first time, and he is everything you could ask him to be... Would you merry him after the first( perfect) few months?

Jane Krakowski : Months?!?!

Maybe, months is a long-term relationship for many...

Louise : When do you get to do a "Practice" crossover?

Jane Krakowski : In the first crossover we had, I got to do scenes with Dylan McDermott and Steve Harris.

It was so fun to do the crossover...we share the same studio lot, but we never got to know each other. This season we got to know and work with each other. Our shows are so different, it was fun to see our show's tones work with each other. I didn't get to go to 'the practice''s hour...I don't know if we'd get to do this again.

catters : Jane, were you ever a secretary?

Jane Krakowski : Never! I can't even type! I've played secretaries before... I've never had to take a job outside show business... Except a job at Friendly's, an ice cream store in New Jersey, I only worked there for an hour.

boneyard : What is your favorite play?

Jane Krakowski : I'd say 'picnic' William Inge...there's so much to his writing.

Hayley13 : Ms. Jane Krakowski, what advise can you give to a 13 yr. old that wants to act some day?

Jane Krakowski : I stared when I was that age, I've been working by that age...stay in school, do acting as a hobby, learn as much as you can. Be confident, practice, practice, practice. The most persistent and resilient wins. There's something great to have a normal life before you enter the working world.

Kona3 : What's your favorite meal at Koo Koo Roo?

Jane Krakowski : How do they know about Koo Koo Roo? I'm from the east coast, we don't have those kinds of chains, so I love Koo Koo Roo...I love their salads.

Daylily : Name one thing that you would like to do if given the chance in your acting career.

Jane Krakowski : I'm embarrassed to be sighted there. I would love to be the star of a Broadway musical, it's a lifelong dream, it has such an influence on me. There's so much I'd like to achieve. One of the drawbacks to being in show business is that you're not in full control of your own life and job. You pursue what you can, but other makes the selections for you at times.

Farce : What do you like to read?

Jane Krakowski : I don't have much free time to read. What I'd like to at the moment...I love biographies. I love fact-based books, history, periods of time...

Buffy_21 : What would you look for in a man?

Jane Krakowski : Humor...chemistry and compatibility...haven't been able to find all of those ...also availability.

Brian19 : Jane: do you have a address were we could write to you?

Jane Krakowski : You can write to me at - go to the Ally McBeal website.

Brian19 : Do you plan to be in any movies??

Jane Krakowski : 'Dance with Me' which comes out July 31...also an independent film called 'Go', directed by the director of 'Swingers', Doug Lyman. I have scenes with Jay Mohr, Scott Wolfe. I'm in one of the acts. I can't tell you who I'm playing, it's part of the surprise... They're still filming it right now, it comes out next year. For fans of "Party of Five," I play with mashed potatoes with Scott Wolfe.

I'd like to thank you for watching and making 'Ally' such an enjoyable show for everybody.

UltimateTV : Jane has bid farewell. She is so nice! Thank you all for joining in the chat. I hope she answered your burning questions. Bummer about the kiss question, but I have a suspicion that Scott wolf may be on that list.