They Got Skin & Bones To Pick with Calista

Is Calista Flockhart worried about her weight? The "Ally McBeal" star sure has others worried.

Staffers at Entertainment Weekly in New York were so concerned that the waiflike actress seems to be getting even skinnier that they took some action.

I'm told Flockhart was asked to wear bulky clothes to de-emphasize her body in her cover spread in this week's issue, rather than risk exposing how painfully thin she is.

How thin is she? At last week's Emmys, one source reported having to "turn away" when Flockhart walked by because the bones in her back were protruding. "It looked scary," said the source.

Flockhart these days looks "like a little boy with a girl's head," another source said.

An EW spokesman said Flockhart decided what to wear for the shoot, not the magazine.