The Promise

Episode: 6

Production Code: AM106

First Air Date: October 27, 1997

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Victoria Hochberg

Recurring Characters:

Jennifer Higgin

Guest Stars:

Jay Leggett as Harry Pippen
Rusty Schwimmer as Angela Tharpe
Jamie Rose as Sandra Winchell
Michael Winters as Judge Herbert Spitt
Michael Bofshever as Judge Allen Stephenson
James Mathers as Dr.Carpenter
Landry Barb as Clerk
Joyce Greenleaf as Bystander #1
Kenneth Zanchi as Bystander #2
Mary-Margaret Lewis as Foreperson


Ally & Renee sang a song from the music man, 'Good Night My Someone' about the love you have yet to meet. Lisa Nicole Carson has a massive voice and one wonders why she’d bother wallowing in a beneath her role when she could be giving divas like Whitney Houston a run for her money.

Ally performed CPR on an over weight attorney, Harry Pippen who immediately thinks she's in love with him. He dumps his fiancee because he agrees with Ally that love should have magic even if it would take the combined powers of Davids’ Copperfield and Blaine to make her feelings more intense for him.

Thinking she’s yet again royally screwed up someone’s life, she convinces Harry that maybe a marriage built on friendship would be better than nothing at all, even if she herself would prefer not to subscribe to that theory. She becomes all wistful and dewey eyed, even without the special effects, you just know she’s thinking back to all the things that might have been with Billy. Ally attended the wedding, probably envisioning her own self as a far prettier bride, either that or a latter day Mrs. Faversham with the cake rotting in the corner, mood swings.

Whipper being Dyan Cannon can’t help being anything less than a woman of the nineties, in fact, she’s even more so than the lead actress herself in many ways. She’s proudly sexual, even in the robe and she dates a significantly younger man. Naturally, she wants Ally to help defend a friend of hers on solicitation charges, our heroine would not have a friend like this.

As second chair to John Cage, we and she, are treated to some of the demetia that lies ahead for the future of the series, this is where it takes a turn, whether that was a good thing or not. His idiosyncrasies become increasingly apparent and mystifying to Ally as well as the other attorneys, the thing is, in a way he is merely her male counterpart, probably a more likely candidate for her husband than her usual object of lust, Billy.

Ally cannot believe her ears when her own client says men are incapable of long term relationships, this being a statement that squashes the spindly attorney’s every hope and dream since she was old enough to know there was an opposite sex, she of course openly objects in court. Renee was the prosecuting attorney, and she laughed at what Ally's client said; for some reason journalists don’t seem to care that there are other female characters in the show that have differing ideologies than the star, why not include them all in a study for Time? Oh, right that would mean individual personalities for women and that would be too hard to box in.

As per the norm the quirky firm was victorious and the episode closes with Vonda singing 'I Only Wanna Be With You' & 'Good Night My Someone.'

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