Silver Bells

Episode: 11

Production Code: AM111

First Air Date: December 15, 1997

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Joe Napolitans

Recurring Characters:

Jennifer "Whipper" Cone
The Dancing Twins

Guest Stars:

Eric Pierpoint as James Horton
Katie Mitchell as Patti Horton
Amanda Carlin as Mindy Horton
Renee Goldsberry as Ikette #1
Vatrena King as Ikette #2
Sy Smith as Ikette #3
Peter Roth as Network President
Bailey Thompson as Jean Horton


We suspect Elaine would not be as into Christmas as she is if it weren’t for the mistletoe tradition and the fact that she’s in charge of a musical revue, that in her mind at least, rivals the one at Rockefeller Center.

Both Ally and Judge Whipper are uncomfortable with their final case before the holidays, involving James, Mindy, and Pattie Horton who think a marital threesome is the only harmonious way to live.

To be more accurate Mr. Horton was having a thing on the side with Mindy, and Pattie insists that it’s perfectly wonderful having a second mother around for the kids, yeah, right. Georgia mentions to Billy that similarly (a coincidence on this show, you don’t say?) he has been more open ever since Ally flitted back into his life. Ally’s confused by this she doesn’t want to hurt their marriage but she didn’t want to help it either.

Meanwhile Richard finds himself in exactly the sort of complicated relationship he’s been striving to avoid all his life, as Whipper puts on the pressure to get married. He blames it on the misery of Christmas, since he has more in common with the Grinch than George Bailey.

It’s a not so very Merry Noel for Ally either as she’s dragged unwillingly into Billy and Georgia’s marital strife, seems the little wife is furious about nearly everything especially the fact that she actually likes his diminutive ex. Ally can’t take it anymore she spews at them, between the legal threesome and this, she’s losing all respect for the one institution she figured she could always have pretty Laura Ashley fantasies about.

The Christmas party begins as Elaine does her very best Diana Ross by pushing her Supremes as far into the background as possible. Simultaneously Whipper has reached a verdict; although she visited the trio’s home and found an environment far more stable than either of her two marriages, she denies their wishes.

Richard in an unusual confessional moment tells Whipper that what he witnessed between his dueling parents has made him fearful of marriage, it would be the equivilant of a noose for him. Inside the party Renee belts out a rockin’ carol accompanied by Vonda, then Fish sings “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday.”

Ally ended the romantic aspects of her life in 1997 in the same old puzzling manner as ever. John spent half of the episode babbling about remembering things when he was thirteen months old, trying to work up the courage to ask her out again, only to find when he does, she uses the old you’re my boss thing again. Later she comes to his office announcing, her first memories are at fifteen months and she’s changed her mind again about dating. For once it was her turn to be flip-flopped as The Biscuit actually refused her. Still they did share a bottle of wine while exchanging tales of Santa and dancing slow. A sugary sweet teaser for things to come in the new year.

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