Episode: 12

Production Code: AM112

First Air Date: January 4, 1998

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Allan Arkush

Guest Stars:

Recurring Characters:

Michael Easton as Glenn - the model

Guest Stars:

Lee Wilkof as District Attorney
Michael Winters as Judge Herbert Spitt
Henry Woronicz as Austin Gill
Eddie Mills as Clinton Gill
Derk Cheetwood as Dwayne Stokes
Nicolette Vajtay as Jill
Sharon Omni as Baliff
Karen Elyse as Foreperson
Barry Livingston as Dr. John Emburg


This is where the show started to take off ratings wise, had they known this was all it takes, they were kicking themselves for not hiring a Boogie Nights wanna-be way back in September.

Ally and Renee enroll in a sculpture class, presumably one of those New Year’s resolutions since it doesn’t last for more than an episode. Word spreads quickly around the office about the well endowed nude model, prompting Georgia to sign up much to Billy’s chagrin.

Meanwhile Ally is fighting a strong physical attraction to her latest client, Clint, a buff nineteen-year-old charged with assaulting a man who called his date a slut at a party. Ally does her best John Cage- behaving troubled, and all around insane, as she explains that if she was so insulted she would expect her boyfriend to stand up for her too.

As it turns out Ally doesn’t so much need a pretense to go a bit bonkers since lately she’s been having visions of that ubiquitous dancing baby, gyrating to “Hooked On A Feeling.” Tick, tick, tick goes her biological clock. In a totally related area the human mannequin asks out the wacky heroine. Nude-guy Glenn is even presenting Billy with life affirming questions like does size matter? Plus John insists to Ally that he wants to take an ignorance is bliss stance when it comes to her and Glenn.

The next day while everyone is betting on a boxing match, The Biscuit is working his strange magic, calling an anthropologist to the stand at the assault trial and dismissing him just as fast. Austin Gill, the teen’s wealthy father and very important client for the firm is understandably angered.

On the love front: Ally goes for drinks with professional snowboarder and goof-off Glenn, impressed by his laid-back lifestyle, so much so she wishes he’d suggested they have sex. Billy is in misery and dire need of Viagra as the pressure gets to him for the first time ever, while his wife likes the idea that after all this time he still wants to dazzle her in bed.

Back in court, John persuasively tells a detailed account of the bully he never stood up to and how it haunted him for a number of years, it took punching a nothing oaf sometime later to feel like a real man. As Clint is aquitted, Ally gives him a hug and a slight squeeze on his butt for good measure.

While the others go to the fight night, Ally gets to know Glenn better, even playing “Heart and Soul” on her piano, which naturally leads to all out groping. As the gang gets more and more worked up over the events in the boxing match, it is cleverly interspersed with Ally and Glenn having sex on the floor. Her first ever, what she believes to be successfully unmessy one night stand.

The next time she sees the baby, she heeds The Biscuit’s advise regarding his own hallucination and gives in, dancing wildly and freely. And for once looking blissful.

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