Once In A Lifetime

Episode: 15

Production Code: AM115

First Air Date: February 23, 1998

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Elodie Keene

Recurring Characters:

Judge Boyle

Guest Stars:

Richard Kiley as Seymore Little
Brigid Brannagh as Paula
Steven Flynn as Sam Little


More love woes in the office, the standard regrets, delusions, and fears of inadequacies. Oh yeah, and yet another person trying to get married.

While trying to avoid John (she desperately doesn’t want to go on their date), Fish asks Ally to represent a famous artist named Seymore Little, an older man who wants to marry a young woman in her twenties, but his son, Sam, is doing everything to prevent the union. For someone who’s claiming he’s ‘with it’, Ally’s slightly put off that he’d rather have a male lawyer, in comes Billy as co-council.

Ally and Billy observe Seymore with his fiancee Paula, that meeting combined with the fact that his son says dear old dad still talks to the wife he buried long ago, has the attorneys convinced that the couple is not meant to be.

Meanwhile John is obsessing over his upcoming ‘big’ date so naturally he seeks out advice from that gentleman of gentlemen Richard Fish. Fish says to be aggressive, and as for kissing technique (Cage has saliva overflow), he suggests consulting Billy, he ought to know what Ally likes. Billy is mum on the subject.

Sam offers Paula money to prove she’s a goldigger but she doesn’t bite. Late at night and alone, trying to figure out what the real reason behind the May-December wedding could be, Ally and Billy wind up reminiscing about their own once-in-a-lifetime’ romance. How clever, the title inserted so tidily into the show.

The following day in court goes poorly, while on the stand Seymore is so overwhelmed with grief that he begins a conversation with the wife he lost right there. Afterwards, Paula confesses to Ally that she was only going to marry Seymore because he desperately wants to open an art gallery devoted to painting of his much adored wife and Sam wouldn’t let him, fearing their lesser quality would hurt his father’s reputation.

After psyching up with Barry White and Elaine’s not so subtle lip-locking tips, John doesn’t even notice how very much Ally does not want to be with him. She tries to snore him to death with stores about cosmetics and fashion all through the evening, but he’s not taking any hints. Per instructions from the geniuses he works with John basically attacked Ally with a kiss on her doorstep and she immediately fled the scene. Leaving The Biscuit to worry that maybe he was a bit too forward.

Next day when Ally gives John a polite kiss off, he thinks it’s because she’s still in love with someone else and it’s reciprocated. Gee, could that be Billy?

Ally yet again uses the true love defense in her closing arguments, would she ever have won a case without out it? Seymore is permitted to open his shrine, er, gallery.

That night in another montage with Vonda overlay, Georgia and Billy dance even though his thoughts are clearly still on a certain other blonde attorney. The artist lovingly admires the portraits of his wife. The Biscuit thinks about his quick break up with Ally, he’s probably quite used to that, and the star herself strolls home.

AM-115 ©1998 Almost Human

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