Theme Of Life

Episode: 17

Production Code: AM117

First Air Date: March 9, 1998

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Dennie Gordon

Recurring Characters:

Jennifer "Whipper" Cone
Dr. Greg Butters
Dr. Tracy Clark

Guest Stars:

Liz Torres as Hanna Goldstein
Dawn Stern as Jeanette
John Fink as President of Brigham Health Management
Paul Guilfoyle as Harold Lane
Linda Gehringer as Attorney General Janet Reno
Don Perry as a Jury Foreman
Sally Wingert as aTour Guide


Real girlpower is on display in this one and not that insipid faux variety with platform shoes and Brit wit.

As a stressbuster the lady lawyers take up kickboxing to get out their aggressions in a peaceful manner (weíll see). So this week Allyís client is Dr. Greg Butters, handsome and a surgeon (a motherís dream), who is accused of transplanting a pigís liver into Hanna Goldstein without her consent. The patient believes there were many other perfectly viable options for saving her life. You always get the feeling itís the really outlandish cases here thatíll someday be authentic newspaper headlines, which may be enough to scare anyone into turning off their television considering some of these wacko clients.

Allyís so distracted by the trial (usually the order of things is reversed) that she doesnít notice the romantic glances being sent her way by the good doctor, add to that the appearance of that cloying dancing baby one more time. After literally swimming through her life, she finally thinks itís time she visited Johnís therapist, Dr. Tracy Clark who prescribes the selection of a theme song, ĎTell Himí; which leads to the ultimate in happiness, dancing in the street. Doesnít everybody? Well, you should.

Meanwhile Fish just canít wash that girl right out of his head, as a second dalliance with Attorney General Janet Reno may cost him the love of Whipper once and for all. Whipper and the A.G. get into a nasty confrontation with Ms. Reno calling the Whip a bitch. Sure hope that wasnít anybodyís fantasy cat fight.

Inside the trial, the doctor is caught up in a slight fib as he admits that using the pig organ helped him secure a much needed grant, leaving Ally angry that he had chosen to left her uninformed, and looking foolish, cause lord knows she canít do that without assistance.

For some reason Ally and Georgia consented to be opponents at the gym one night, and what starts out as friendly, barely tapping one another motions quickly escalates into all out warfare as they knock each other out.

The next morning, Richard is seeing little cartoon birdies circling over his head as well when Whipper informs him that he has touched her for the last time. Elaine offers him physical comfort should he want it.

Since they are forced to work occasionally, back in the court, John makes his closing quite succinct, stating simply that Hannaís life was saved, end of story. Surprise, surprise, another victory!

Whipper watches forlornly as Ally goes to dinner with the doctor and later we see the still visibly injured kickboxing pair drinking beers together.

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