Happy Birthday, Baby

Episode: 19

Production Code: AM119

First Air Date: April 6, 1998

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Thomas Schlamme

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Recurring Characters:

Dr. Greg Butters

Guest Stars:

Harriet Sansom Harris as Cheryl Bonner
Barry Miller as Mark Henderson
Alaina Reed Hall as Judge Elizabeth Witt
Danny Borowicz as an Officer
Roberta West as a Foreperson


It’s Ally’s birthday, another year older, another year, well, you can imagine.

When Greg refuses to join her in the apartment, Ally cuddles up with her favorite inflatable doll. The next day Ally moans to Renee that she is about to turn twenty-eight, she’s almost an adult!

This episode’s absurd case is about Mark Henderson, since he couldn’t locate any of Marla Maples shoes, we suppose he decided the next best thing was to sneak into Cheryl Bonner’s bedroom and tickle her foot while she slept. In a slight twist, the pair happened to be dating when it happened. Attempting to talk prosecutor Renee into a plea bargain, Ally gave her a foot message to no avail. Though the heavy breathing results in listening pleasure for Richard and The Biscuit.

Mark Henderson insists that it was a romantic gesture, some men bring flowers, he breaks in with message oils. He refuses to plead insanity much to Ally’s chagrin. Ally takes the former lovebirds to the bar hoping to settle this thing without much difficulty. The spinny young woman is horrified to realize she just walked into an elaborate birthday celebration organized by Elaine. She says Elaine much the same way Jerry greets Newman. Elaine and Renee try to out showstop one another. At the same time Mark apologized to Cheryl but she’s still way too freaked out.

Back in the spotlight, Ally is pleasantly surprised when Greg takes the stage with his sumptuous lung power, too bad Renee decides to join him and Ally turns green with envy.

Later, Ally pretends she is not upset, not with Renee, or Greg for announcing that he has a new job in Chicago. Of course, the day after Ally sits down on her doll until it explodes, oh, the symbolism.

Ally does some interesting manipulation in the courtroom for her closing as she says that everyone should wish to be like Mr. Henderson, he was willing to take control of his life, to conquer his loneliness and that’s not a real crime.

When Greg tells Ally they can spend at least the next couple of weeks together before he goes, but Ally wants nothing of it. Things go from insulting to worse as the office has another birthday surprise for her, Ally gets snappish with the group, and Elaine is the only one who sticks around for the male stripper.

It wasn’t the worst twenty-eighth birthday in history for Ally as she did successfully defend her client. Mark and Cheryl go out for coffee, another victory for scary romantics at heart everywhere.

AM-119 ©1998 Almost Human

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