Being There

Episode: 21

Production Code: AM121

First Air Date: May 4, 1998

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Mel Daminski

Recurring Characters:

Glenn- The Nude Model

Guest Stars:

Isaiah Washington as Michael Rivers
Gibby Brand as Judge McGough
Eric McCormack as Kepler
Erica Nicole Dickerson as Young Renee
Shannon Welles as an Elderly Woman
Herb Corben as an Elderly Man
Patricia Tate as a Baliff
Earl K. Kim as a Foreperson


The premier of Vonda's video "Searchin' My Soul" kicked off the show, the same sort of cross promotion that didn’t kick off Joey Lawrence’s music career.

What with the uni-sex and well, Elaine being who she is, Georgia taking a pregnancy test quickly became public knowledge, the home version was positive.

"I thought I'd start by taking a moment," John on his plans for defending the lethal weapon, er, Renee. Renee's date testified that she was oozing sexuality on their date. John distracted in every possible way from wearing noisy orthopedic shoes to using a clicker to object because he was resting his voice. John's stomach gurgled at times of anxiety & he was able to throw the gurgle to the other lawyer, just as if he was throwing his voice. "You call yourselves lawyers," Renee to her defense team (John & Ally).

Glenn (nude model) testified about the penguin incident. "One, Two, buckle my shoe," Ally on how many times she slept with Glenn and then John dismissed her from the case. John called Renee to the stand, then withdrew her, saying the state failed to make a case. Bells were ringing as John was hit with divine intervention for his closing.

Ally’s day only got worse, after hearing of the pregnancy she kicked a stall door & it hit her in the head, we cross our fingers that it knocks her out of her annoying fixation with her ex, to no avail. "I live my life as one big Christmas Eve & it just makes me happy, happy, happy!" Ally to a concerned Billy. Yeah, she’s so happy that she can’t stop crying. Dr. Tracy told Ally to listen to a silly theme song to ease the pregnancy news. Ally picked "Bill" as her silly theme song & Billy caught her dancing in the unisex. "Is there any chance it's not hers," Ally on Georgia's pregnancy.

Billy bought a catchers mitt for the baby to make him more excited. "It's one thing to bring a child into the world but our world?" Georgia after a weird parenthood pep talk from Richard. All the baby talk was premature as Georgia took a blood test and it was negative, sadly both had already gotten used to the idea. Exactly the moment when you wish this was strictly a drama because along came Ally sort of defeating the magnitude of the story. "Isometrics dismount," Ally's explanation for falling after trying to see Georgia in the next stall.

Ally told Renee that her using sex as power has become a problem, a welcome role reversal in the admonishing department. Renee said she developed early, was teased as a child & had been waiting her whole life for that kickboxing moment but she's ashamed. A nice heart to heart.

Invention alert! Elaine created the cool cup to promote male virility.

John gets a better feeling for his closings with bare feet and it must work since Renee was found not guilty. Vonda sang "I'll Be There," over a montage of Georgia & Billy hugging, Renee & Ally playing cards & John gazing out at Beantown.

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