These Are The Days

Episode: 23

Production Code: AM123

First Air Date: May 18, 1998

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Jonathan Pontell

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 2

Recurring Characters:

Judge Happy Boyle
Bobby Donnell

Guest Stars:

Willie Garson as Alan Farmer
Richard Schiff as Bernie Gilson
Albert Hall as Judge Seymour Walsh
Lee Wilkof as District Attorney Nixon
Rhonda Dotson as Julie Martin
Ken Abraham as Hendrix
Bob Gunton as Michaelson
Gerry Vichi as Foreman


Elaine & Georgia found a green hair on Ally when Bobby Donnell walked back into their lives making all their hearts skip a beat. Bobby & Ally have a case involving Mr. Michaelson who has a bad heart & is a wealthy executive & his best friend Mr. Bernie Gibson a janitor, who wants to trade his heart out of friendship and for a sense of accomplishment. "He can have mine, I never use it," Richard about the heart transplant.

John Cage must represent his second cousin, a harmless but eccentric man with a Cupid Complex, an eccentric in The Biscuitís family, you donít say. Anyway, he tends to attack happy people to bring out togetherness in couples, he used a sawed off paddle (oar). The judge berated a witness in John's case for having spinach in his teeth, a sort of Kelley trick dating back to Picket Fences.

Ally & Bobby danced to music in their heads as Vonda crooned "Just One Look." Billy was jealous when he overheard Georgia say to Ally that she would kiss Bobby, anything goes if we can have this character display some actual emotion. While Georgia and Billy feel like theyíre in a rut, Ally and Bobby share their first kiss.

Mother may I: "Idiot!, even if you find her she might be looking for the prefect man," John's mother on finding the perfect girl. John's mother's last word "ip" was put on her tombstone.

In a strange and unbelievable turn of event the judge entrusted Ally with the decision making power, heís apparently never seen the show. Ally denied her client's (Bernie) wishes, though Mr.Michealson said he had no intention of taking the heart anyway, he just wanted people to see what a great friend he had in Bernie. Meanwhile, in courtroom two, John's client was found guilty & the jury proclaimed it in unison. Renee actually won the case, itís a miracle.

"Boys called me the human window of opportunity," Elaine to Fish after he called her a slut (jokingly). Bygones count-2.

Bobby told Ally he can't date her now because he has baggage, & John's client hit him for being neutral. "When I get depressed I raise my hem lines," was Allyís latest coping mechanism.

Georgia surprised her hubby by arriving wearing only black stilettos. Allyís worst nightmare come true: she walked in on Georgia & Billy having sex in the conference room.

Mother may I, Part Deux: "If you think back & replay your year & it doesn't bring out tears of joy or sadness consider it wasted," John's mother.

Ally replayed her year, she laughed & cried and our first season with the quirky set of attorneys came to a fitting close.

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