"The Women Of Ally McBeal"

    If you haven't seen the inventively witty and wicked new lawyer series, "Ally McBeal," you've been missing out on one of the freshest shows in primetime today.

    The show stars sexy CALISTA FLOCKHART as Ally, who is as remarkably comfortable in the courtroom as she is uneasy in the outside world. It's a weekly hour full of offbeat humor, clever fantasy sequences, innovative flashbacks and incisive voice-overs, as it presents a contemporary look at the drama and the anxiety of real-life office situations and modern relationships - with, as its centerpiece, one of the most compelling and sensitive portraits of a young professional woman ever rendered by a man! The premise of the story is that Ally, just out of law school, has recently broken up with her long-time boyfriend, Billy Alan Thomas (GIL BELLOWS, "Love and A.45" "Law & Order"). She joins a Boston law firm - where one of her new colleagues is none other than Billy Alan Thomas! Her old beau, unfortunately, is married to the beautiful and engaging Georgia (COURTNEY THORNE SMITH, "Melrose Place"), whom Ally wants to dislike - but can't - resulting in the two becoming friends.

    And now, since the tube is overflowing at the moment with big season finales, Ally McBeal will also soon be saying "so long" until the Fall. Hear what Courtney, JANE KRAKOWSKI, and Ally's roommate LISA NICOLE CARSON ("ER") have to say about life and "Ally McBeal!" (See The Interviews On The Main ET articles Page)

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