Calista Flockhart

    Interviewed By: Entertainment Tonight Online

    "It's unusual and it creates an environment where we can have both sexes in a very private place that they normally wouldn't be together."-- Calista Flockhart on the unisex bathroom in the law firm.

    ET: How do you feel now, coming down to the end of what really is a remarkable season on so many levels?

    Calista Flockhart: Thank you. It has been quite a ride this year. But I feel tired and I feel like I have really been through something. You know it's been exciting. I have a family here now and I feel very at peace in a way. It's interesting, because it's really coming to an end quickly. But there's a tranquility, I feel really proud and I feel sort of at peace. I'm ready for a break and I think that we all have been working so hard and the crew is ready for a break. It would be great to have a break, but it'll be exciting to come back too.

    ET: Along with all the critical acclaim, are you used to people being interested in "Ally" and her pajamas to all about you and your private life. Are you getting a thicker skin about that?

    Calista: You know, honestly I don't think I had a thin skin about it. It's interesting, I mean there's definitely an adjustment that one has to make when your anonymity is taken away from you and you never can be prepared for it, I think. I certainly wasn't prepared for it. In a way, maybe it's because I have been working so much and so hard that I'm impervious to it and it doesn't sink in or maybe I don't let it. I haven't quite figured it out. There's a sense of detachment, you know. I am private and I sort of horde my privacy sort of psychotically. It's just part of it, I guess. You hang on to the privacy that you can and you let the rest go. You have to stop trying to control everything.