Courtney Thorne Smith

    Interviewed By: Entertainment Tonight

    ET: I'm curious about how you compare this cast -- this group of people that were thrown together almost a year ago -- the working relationships and the personal relationships here, a year later. That first day versus where you are now.

    Courtney Thorne-Smith: Well, that's an interesting question. My first day, I came in late. So I felt like everyone knew each other and it was my first day at a new school. Everyone was very, very sweet and we were all relatively polite to each other. And that fell apart very quickly. We all have the same childish sense of humor -- so you just assume that everyone is kidding all the time. It feels like a family -- I mean we tease each other like brothers and sisters. I don't know if that's created by the long hours or that the material's so good that it creates this intimacy just by doing it. It's a great place to work.

    ET: I asked this yesterday to your male co-stars -- do you think you understand women any better at the end of a season? I'll ask you the same -- do you appreciate or look at men differently after one season at "Ally McBeal?"

    Courtney: It's interesting -- I think I do because the men here are so kind. You know, the men I work with on set and behind the scenes -- it's really a great group of men. It's a very safe place to work. And also, they're doing David [E. Kelly]'s writing -- so it's even kinder.

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