Jane Krakowski

    Interviewed By: Entertainment Tonight

    "This season has been just an amazing ride for all of us."-- Jane Krakowski

    ET: I'm curious that after working a season on "Ally McBeal" -- a show all about relationships, do you find you understand men better?

    Jane Krakowski: Hmmm... tricky questions right off the top. I find that many times I behave in many of the ways that "Ally" does -- which surprises me. I didn't realize I used to but I probably always have my whole life, but now that they've been written in black and white and pointed up to, myself and probably many other women out there that I have a lot of those traits to think or to have the same reaction to many things that men provoke in us.

    ET: Is there any particular scene or story line where you say, 'That's a slice of my life,' that you could sit back and enjoy to watch somebody else play out a scene that you went through.

    Jane: There's been so many episodes I can't think. I mean -- I have ones that were particular favorites for me -- that I can associate with. I don't know- I think it's been amazing to me that David [E. Kelley] has taken our special skills that we have had from other jobs in the past and brought them to the show. I think that's a really special thing to get. I feel that the season has just been an amazing ride for all of us. I don't think that there's any arena other than David Kelley's imagination that we could play all of the things we have gotten to play. I mean one minute our head is blowing up, the next moment we're singing on-stage and the next moment we're sharing our most inner fears with "Ally" or whoever else will challenge us or confront us. And there's no other environment or venue where I think you'd get to do all of things.