Lisa Nicole Carson

    Interviewed By: Entertainment Tonight

    "I think it's pretty much taken all of us by surprise." --Lisa Nicole Carson

    ET: First of all, congratulations are in order for being the strongest cast member. You're like the last character standing after this season on "Ally McBeal."

    Lisa Nicole Carson: I've been knocked around a little bit -- but I am standing.

    ET: How does it feel to be coming to the end of this very exciting season?

    Lisa: It's great because now we have some time off and time to reflect on what has happened in the past year because I think it has pretty much taken everybody by surprise. I know it has taken me by surprise that it just blew up like that. It's crazy.

    ET: You say crazy -- what's an example of the craziness or when you first knew that -- 'Hey, this is bigger than I thought it was...'

    Lisa: Just everybody coming up to me on the street and shopping and stuff. Complementing me on the show and telling me about the cast members. When is "Renee" going to get a lover? And just all the questions people have for me.

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