Ally's Got The Look!

    Interviewed By: Entertainment Tonight

    The Fashion of Ally McBeal

    CALISTA FLOCKHART is a knockout as the high-powered attorney "Ally McBeal" on her Fox series. Maybe it's her unerring sense of justice... maybe it's her fearlessness and quick wit... or maybe it's those miniskirts! Whatever the reason, she's revolutionizing the look of the modern woman and here's your chance to get in on it! We visited Loree Parrel, women's costume supervisor for "Ally McBeal" to get the scoop on how to dress for success the "Ally" way. Read on and find out what she has to say.

    ET: What is the Ally McBeal look?

    Loree: Youthfulness, contemporary, uncomplicated, uncluttered, a touch of whimsy. She takes the bite out of the business look.

    ET: What wouldn't Ally wear?

    Loree: Ruffles. She would never wear ruffles!

    ET: What shoes would Ally never be caught dead wearing?

    Loree: Never beige, it's not Calista, and it's not Ally. It's just a little too mundane. Now colors that are Ally would be blues, all shades of blues, greens, because she has beautiful green eyes and some black.

    ET: Where do you buy Ally's clothes?

    Loree: We've shopped in many places because I want her closet to look like it is a real closet. A young woman who is just starting out professionally will go to Emporio Armani and invest in that, and then maybe use a T-shirt that she might have in her closet, and then do some mix and match things. In short simple, young, and contemporary, a less mainstream businesswoman. We've shopped at many places to give a very realistic look. Many different labels, and some non-labels."

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