Gil Bellows Interview (11/30/98)

    Interviewed By: Entertainment Tonight

    It's Christmas come early on the set of "Ally McBeal" and GIL BELLOWS is spreading some Yuletide greetings as we catch up with the show's married man to see if he'll get lucky under the mistletoe. Julie Moran: So, you guys are all decked out for the holidays. Is it fun shooting Christmas early?

    Gil Bellows: Yeah. It's a very strange thing I have to say. It's beautiful, it's picturesque, it's festive and it's a little depressing.

    Julie: Really? Why is it depressing?

    Gil: I don't know, but when we're doing the night stuff with all the tinsel and everything, you get this feeling that the snow is falling and then you walk outside and it's L.A. and it's daytime. It's a little bizarre.

    Julie: I hear that there's a lot of mistletoe on this show. Do you get caught under the mistletoe?

    Gil: I get burned. I'm the married guy, so I get burned. I don't get any of the make out scenes. John Cage [PETER MACNICOL] is making out like a bandit, literally and figuratively in this episode.

    Julie: You get no mistletoe action?

    Gil: I get no action, no.

    Julie: That's too bad.

    Gil: Thanks for being in my corner.

    Julie: Do have big holiday plans?

    Gil: I'm going to get out of here and go to the East Coast and see a little snow and spend some time with my family. It'll be good.

    Julie: It'll be nice to get some time off from the show.

    Gil: It's an incredible feeling to see everyone after the new year. Everybody seems rested and is happy to see each other. Everybody seems rested and two days later, it's like it never happened.

    Julie: Is this show just a dream to work on?

    Gil: It is. There are lots of laughs and everybody appreciates a lot of laughter at work, and great people, great material. It's a terrific job.

    --November, 30, 1998

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