Product Placement

    You may have noticed something new in the background of your favorite TV shows this holiday season. No, not a Christmas tree: an iMac. Apple's new, "chic-not-geek" personal computer has been popping up on the desks of characters on "Ally McBeal," "NewsRadio," "The X-Files," and some 20 other shows. The iMac, which debuted on Aug. 16, began appearing on episodes in November. And now the popular machine -- which sold 278,000 in its first six weeks -- is becoming an everyday part of the TV vernacular. "Noel, one of the main characters on 'Felicity,' actually said, 'Oh, an iMac, it's so beautiful,'" says Suzanne Forlenza, Apple's manager of product placement. "He goes on to get an iMac, and we'll be seeing that in the coming weeks."