Ally McBeal Poetry

Now Say It With Me.....

By Becky Grice, July 26th, 1999. (From Southern Ireland)

Ally is distressed,
And Georgia's impressed,
By Nell's overflowing blonde hair.

John's frog is his friend,
And Nell's got to pretend,
That she's happy when Stefan is there.

Ling loves Richard's "action",
While Billy's in traction,
From his little love tryst in the loo.

The face bra is Elaine's,
While Renee takes great pains,
To ignore Biscuit's squeaking brown shoes.

With the 3rd series in sight,
The baby takes flight,
And oogachaka seldom is heard.

Ally comes over all silly,
Everytime she sees Billy,
And "Greg" is no longer the word.

With Tracey and Rosie,
The couch is so cosy,
Ally's problems get bigger, and then...

The Biscuit has sex,
Richard "wattles" his ex,
And Renee overdoses on men.

And when they all meet in the bar every night,
They all sing along to the cool Barry White.

So Ally cheer up, and don't walk in a trance,
If the music comes on, just remember to dance.

Her skirts, they get shorter,
But we still feel the appeal,
Of a true woman's woman,
Miss Ally MacBeal.

I'd kill for her P.J.'s,
And Ling's little black dress,
And with Nell's stunning tresses,
I'd be out to impress.

But at this exact moment,
And Ally would agree,
I'm a person I'm proud of,
And that person is me.

So now say it with me,
As John takes to the floor,
And the weird dancing baby,
Comes right round the door.........

By Becky Grice, July 26th, 1999.

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