Ally McBeal Poetry

Now Say It With Me.....Ode To Elaine

By Becky Grice, July 26th, 1999. (From Southern Ireland)

She's been known to fake it,
And she'll never quite make it,
With her patented face wonder bra.
She knows how to dance,
And puts men in a trance,
But they never quite seem up to par.
With her little cameras, she's got eyes all around,
And a snappier dresser, I haven't yet found.

But beneath the whole slut thing,
Her heart's made of gold,
And her cool cup and gossip,
Are definitively bold.

So here's to Elaine,
A favourite by far,
Good luck with the romance,
And the patented bra.

And remember Elaine,
There will come a day,
You won't need to pry,
And the patent will pay.

By Becky Grice

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