Visitor Poll Results: Question 15

15. Should Ally & the Biscuit date? Yes or no and why?

First the totals, then the why answers below (not everyone answers why)

1. Madeline's Why (New York, NY USA)

    Yes, The Biscuit and Ally belong together. They have a very special relationship and they owe it to each other to make their friendship something more.

2. Essi Kumpuvaara's Why (Oulu, Finland)

    Yes, because they are very good couple!

3. Derek Sabine's Why (O'Leary, PEI Canada)

    Yes, They should date but only after Ally stops the wedding between Nell and the biscuit

4. Holly's Why (Seattle, WA USA)

    Yes, They are soooo alike. I think they had a bad experience when they tried it that one time, but I don't think it's indicative of what could really be. But what she and John decided recently about their "relationship" at least made know, why they shouldn't date and how it could jeopardize their best friendship.

    And following with the rationale that they shouldn't date, it would also take away a main element of the show: Ally looking for someone to make her happy. I'd say that if she and John ended up together, it'd be for the 'long haul,' as in they're more meant to be than anyone else. That would be, like, an ending to the show, but not particularly a good way to sustain it. They need their friendship dynamic as part of the show....and that continuing sense of "what if?????".

5. Phil Roberts' Why (Exeter, England)

    Yes, Because they understand each other, which is a solid base for a relationship

6. Serryjw's Why (Denver, CO USA)

    Yes, i think the show could get even stranger--thats good--if they both got together

7. Sarah's Why (Hull, EY England)

    Yes, They're both as nuts and insecure as each other and the biscuit is kinda cute:@)

8. BigMac's Why (Isle of Wight, England)

    Yes, the biscuit is alone & references 2 ally being alone r often made they could help each other + biscuits sweet

9. Isobel Smith's Why (Winchester, Hampshire, England)

    Yes, they are both as neurotic as the other and hve a deeper respect for each other than with Ally & Billy

10. Emma's Why (Christchurch, New Zealand)

    Yes, Give some variety, Have an in office relationship

11. Cherie's Why (Auckland, New Zealand)

    No, Because I want Ally and Billy to get back together plus Ally & John are better off as friends

12. Kirsten Wahlquist's Why (Issaquah, WA USA)

    Yes, They make a cute couple, and have much the same personality type.

13. Heather's Why (Seneca Falls, NY USA)

    Yes, the two of them seem like they'd get along really well. it may cause tension if and when they break up, and also between Ally and Billy (even with Georgia there) cuz i think that Billy still cares about Ally.

14. Lee Wang's Why (Mountain View, CA USA)

    Yes, They are both eccentric in their own ways, and both are somewhat alone, by themselves, set apart from the rest of society. They can both identify with the other's loneliness, and they'd complement each other this way.

15. Nicole's Why (Norwalk, OH USA)

    No, I don't think that Ally has "those kind of feelings" for the Biscuit. They just don't seem to have any chemistry between them. Now, Ally & Bobby on the other hand....

16. Brenny's Why (Edmonton, AB Canada)

    No, It just wouldn't work into the plot anymore they have gone beyond the point where they can date they have a bond no doubt but not a lovers bond

17. Andrea Ritchey's Why (East Freedom, PA USA)

    Yes, Because John Cage's personality would be hard to resist for any woman. And Ally Cage would have a nice ring to it.

18. Stephanie's Why (Birmingham, AL USA)

    No, he is WAY too wierd! not that ally isn't wierd, but i think they're good as friends, not lovers....ewww YUCK!

19. Lauren's Why (Flemington, NJ USA)

    Yes, They should DEFFINATELY go out! Although they look like complete opposties, they have a lot in common with each other.

20. Denise Elkins' Why (Madison, WV USA)

    No, Ally and the Biscuit should not date because he is more like a brother/best friend guy, not a date-guy for Ally.

21. Nature Sargent's Why (Irving, TX USA)

    Yes, Because they are the oddest people on the show. Plus, Renee is TOO much woman for him. Even though he IS drawn to her!

22. Tanya Haldane's Why (Richmond Hill, ON Canada)

    Yes, I think that it would be a great way to cause some jealousy on Billy's side, and we don't see enough of that. Besides John is so sweet and cute. He'd be good for her, but not for a long term thing.

23. Amanda's Why (Saginaw, MI USA)

    Yes, Because they are both really wierd and funny. They just look good together, too. Besides, Ally needs to get over Billy and find someone new. John needs to find someone period. They would make a really cute couple.

24. Carly's Why (Matthews, MO USA)

    No, didn't they date before and it was really wierd? I think tht i f Ally dates it should be some OTHER wierd person. Like when she dated the "human sundial" and Greg.

25. Emily's Why (USA)

    No, the biscuit is the funniest character on the show, but he's too dorky for Ally. They aren't a good match.

26. Megan's Why (Sherwood Park, AB Canada)

    Yes, cause they are both crazy

27. Becki's Why (Sherwood Park, AB Canada)

    Yes, It would be very interesting

28. Angie's Why (San Jose, San Jose, Costa Rica)

    Yes, I think it will be great if they do it!

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