Visitor Poll Results: Question 23

23. Should Georgia and Billy have a baby? Yes or no and why?

First the totals, then the why answers below (not everyone answers why)

1. Lauren's Why (Tulsa, OK USA)

    No, Billy is not trust-worthy enoguh. Besides, he and Ally were meant for each other

2. Phil Roberts' Why (Exeter, England)

    Yes, Because it would play right into Fish's policy of never making women partners

3. Scarlet Gable's Why (Winchester, BC)

    No, Because Billy is an a two timing double faced ***hole!!! Who is a complete and utter idiot. As for Georgia . . . She sucks too!

4. Dennis Chenier's Why (Alexandria, ON Canada)

    No, It would make the show that much less interesting, because the baby will have to be in all episodes and have to have a role created for the baby. Its also very much revealing.

5. Matias's Why (Tenhunen, Finland)

    Yes, because they don't have a baby

6. Diane's Why (New York, NY USA)

    No, Billy seems to have a hard time remaining faithful to Georgia. I think they'll end up divorced, so why drag a child into it?

7. Jaana's Why (Turku, Varsinais-Suomi, Finland)

    No, They are not ready to be parents. Bill still loves Ally. They should be sure that they want to stay together before they have a baby

8. Mirte's Why (Leiden, Netherlands)

    No, That would ruin Georgia's figure

9. Misbah Hussain's Why (Burntisland, Fife, Scotland)

    Yes, Because deep down Georgia did want one even though she & Billy thought they weren't ready. The false alarm will make them think about it and they should have one when they're ready and mentally prepared. Plus, because of Georgia's insecurities vis a vis Ally, a baby should bring her closer to Billy.

10. Megan's Why (Sydney, NSW Austrailia)

    Yes, It would add a whole new dimension to the relationship of not only Billy and Georgia but between Billy, Georgia and ally also

11. Emma's Why (Christchurch, New Zealand)

    Yes, It would bring in the issue of who should stay at home with the kid

12. Cherie's Why (Auckland, New Zealand)

    No, Because I think Billy & Ally should get back together cause they suit & they were made for each other

13. Kasia's Why (Toronto, ON Canada)

    Yes, This will be a much tougher problem for Billy, because he will have not only a wife, but also a child and it will be really interesting if her gives them up for Ally.

14. Tony Eichberger's Why (Wisconsin, USA)

    Yes, They should have a baby because they'd make good parents, but they shouldn't have a baby until the 3rd or 4th season.

15. Melody's Why (Gladstone, MI USA)

    No, Because Ally is a true romantic, and if "McBealism" means that once a couple has real love, they belong together forever (even though separated for a time). Even though Ally and Billy were never married, their hearts were. Besides, there must be SOMETHING to hate about Georgia!!

16. Jenni's Why (Monroe, LA USA)

    No, Billy and Georgia have not worked out all of the "kinks" in their relationship, at least where Ally is concerned. Having a baby will only make matters more confusing for the three of them. It seems that Billy still has some feelings for Ally, no matter how much he loves Georgia.

17. Jodi M & Nikki G's Why (Calgary, AB Canada)

    No, We don't think they should, because 1, they are too busy with their jobs. 2,they should think about the child. 3,it would be very stressful for everyone (including Ally).

18. Anne Marie's Why (Bel Air, MD USA)

    Yes, I would love to see how they handle the situation. Is Georgia going to work or not?, Will Ally go could have been her baby?...Could be some interesting storylines... and fishisms on pregnancy!

19. Jenn Hunt's Why (Michigan, USA)

    No, There is still some tension between Billy/Georgia/Ally and if they have a child I don't think it would be there anymore. It's very comedic watching the three.

20. Traci's Why (Thorold, ON USA)

    Yes, It would be cute

21. Emily's Why (Radford, NY USA)

    No, the show isn't ready for parental situations. its too adult orientated

22. Nikki's Why (Pensacola Beach, FL USA)

    No, Because Ally needs to be able to find someone, settle down, and get over Billy before that happens. That way it won't hurt her as much.

23. Sarah's Why (Indianapolis, IN USA)

    No, Because this is more of a 'single' show

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