Visitor Poll Results: Question 45

45. If Elaine hit on you would you date her, and if not why not?

First the totals, then the why answers below (not everyone gives a reason)

1. Tim's Why (Allen, TX USA)

    Yes, Elaine is hot!

2. Andrew's Why (Brisbane, QLD Australia)

    No, Elaine is a little too free with her loving and you just don't know who her previous partners were

3. Stephen Buchanan's Why (Brisbane, QLD Australia)

    Yes, she is sexy and alluring

4. Jule Fiedler's Why (Osnabrück, NN Germany)

    No, I don't like Elaine, because she wants to know everything, that' stupid

5. Craig's Why

    Yes, A great woman to me that expresses the nineties and sexy as hell

6. Monique's Why (Lawrenceville, GA USA)

    No, I am not bysexual. But if people go by what other people say, and gossip. Ya know the saying, "Don't believe anything you hear, and half of what you see!" If people go by gossip, they will be possibly missing out on a opportunity? It might be the Mr./Mrs./ RIght they will loose out on. I am not a follower, so its easy for me. People that are insecure, listen to what other people say...That is sad!!

7. Phil Roberts' Why (Exeter, England)

    Yes, Any day of the week and twice on Sundays, she really is the hottest character on the show. I sent in the question, I might as well answer it!

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