The Real World

Season: 2

Episode: 1

Production Code: AM201

First Air Date: September 14, 1998

In Memory Of: Phil Leeds (April 6, 1916 - August 16, 1998)

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Jonathan Pontell

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Guest Stars:

Richard Lee Jackson as Jason Tresham
Caitlin Dulany as Laura Jewell
Susan Krebs as Judge Kensington
John Fleck as Attorney Spicer
Tracey Ullmanas Dr. Tracy Clark


In an all too authentic attempt at foreshadowing, the attorney returns for her second season opener with a dream in which she floats through a murky shadow until touching fingertips with a far younger man.

As fate, or David E. Kelley would have it, Ally and co-council John's case the next day is about Laura Jewell, a thirty-seven year-old who had sex with a boy who was only sixteen at the time, Cage suggests an insanity plea. Upon meeting the now older yet still a teen, Jason Tresham, Ally can't figure why she finds him so strangely intriguing.

Ally runs to her crutch, Dr. Tracy, immediately after Jason testifies in court that there are some people who will never love, believing of course that that must mean her. She really didn't need a professional to tell her that everything she's so nuts about always stems back to Billy. She returns to court, and fantasizes about having sex with Jason as Laura describes her first experiences with the boy, and Ally inadvertently makes a spectacle of herself by squeaking.

Sub-zero Nelle Porter as she is known makes her first appearance in this episode, and you can tell from the start that none of the women are going to take too kindly to this otherworldly intruder. She's brilliant, goddess blonde, walks with the grace of a ballerina, and has Estella-like powers over men. If that wasn't enough reason for Ally to hate her, she catches John's admiring eye, and we know she has this whole if I don't want him, you should still not have him either syndrome

Back to Dawson's Creek, oh, sorry, the trial; Laura testifies that men whither emotionally as they age, a theory Ally is more than willing to trust, especially when Billy of all people suggests that maybe this thing between her and Jason was meant to be.

After Cage and Renee perform their brilliance-defying closings, in the elevator, Jason shares last night's dream with Ally that was surprisingly, or not so, depending on the viewer's IQ, similar to her own fingertouching odyssey. Following the not guilty by reason of insanity verdict, with Tracy's blessing Ally makes a date with Jason.

In the sort of first date that only happens on television, the teen escorts Ally to Fenway Park where his uncle is a groundskeeper, they play an imaginary baseball game. Ally's arms are noticeably as the media will speculate in the weeks to follow, not the size of Mark McGwire's.

As blissful as Ally was, she knows this could never really work out between them and they kiss one last time. Come to think of it, she loves this kind of ending.

AM-201 1998 Almost Human

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