Fools Night Out

Season: 2

Episode: 3

Production Code: AM203

First Air Date: September 28, 1998

Director: Peter MacNicol

Writer: David E. Kelley

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Recurring Characters:

The Dancing Twins

Guest Stars:

Lucy Liu as Ling Woo
Lydia Look as Leigh Woo
Harrison Page as Mark Newman
Gerry Becker as Attorney Stone
Jennifer Holliday as Lisa Knowles
Kayren Ann Butler as Jody Silverman


Cue the eerie music, the fascinating mystery that is Ling Woo returns with a new cause, sueing a nurse, Jackie Silverman, for false representation of her breasts, or something contrived like that. As the weird story goes, apparently upon a cosmetic suregeon's request, said nurse flashes people to show off his handywork, only they are actually the real thing. And poor Ling wanted to give breasts to her sister as a stocking stuffer.

If that isn't surreal enough for you the other offerings involve, Richard's minister Mark Newman. Now if you can get past the nagging fact that no one could ever really buy Fish as a church-goer, this would be the tale you would hear: Mark's relationship with head choir gal Lisa Knowels soured and ever since she's realized Elton was right sad songs do say so much. Not wanting to step into muggy sexual harrassment waters, Mark can't very much fire the woman, it's driving him to distraction, he needs help.

Broadway vet Jennifer Holiday plays the aforementioned spurned lover and has no difficulty sining Al Green's 'So Tired of Bein' Alone.' Sensing a cosmic connection between the two perennial lonely hearts, Fish suggests that Ally intervene, her situation with Billy is startlingly similar.

No one will ever accuse David E. Kelley of missed opportunities at least, he uses every chance he can get to stretch the boundaries of primetime television, without technically crossing any lines at all. Nurse Jackie's lawyer, Michael Stone, says they should do a profile comparison of the women's breasts. We and Georgia have never seen Billy looking more enthusiatic. After a highly indepth inspection, it is determined that Ling's sister, Leigh's implants are fairly convincing, the trial will not proceed.

The Gospels: Ally admonishes Mark Newman for breaking up with her new best friend (she bonds quickly with the brokenhearted) Lisa without any warning. This starts Ally to overanalyzing her life, as she is prone to doing, and she realizes suddenly that Georgia and Billy were together before she even broke up with her supposed sweetheart, telling Georgia as much.

Back at the office, icy Nelle offers up some more of her cold hard truths informing bud Ling that she picks fights because no one likes her, the vulnerable verbal pugalist storms off. Richard hurries after Ling, knowing a great wattle when he sees one and asks her to dinner.

Elsewhere, Ally continues to spread her paranoia around like the plague, leaving Georgia to wonder if he just won't dump her for the next best thing too. She does some good however, as Mark as kindly as possible explains to Lisa that he didn't have a passion for her and she agrees to sing certain tunes only at the bar.

It's no comfort to Ally when her ex-boyfriend explains he did nothing with Georgia until after her dumped the dishwater blonde. Ally lashes out saying he destoyed her faith in love, she doesn't know now if she ever even had it in the first place. Jennifer Holiday closes the episode with a rousing rendition of 'Fools Fall In Love."

AM-203 1998 Almost Human

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