It's My Party

Season: 2

Episode: 4

Production Code: AM204

First Air Date: October 19, 1998

Director: Jace Alexander

Writer: David E. Kelley

# of Times Richard said Bygones: ?

Guest Stars:

John Ritter as George Madison
Shawn Micheal Howard as Ben
Lee Wilkoff as Nixon
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Claudette Nevins as Ms. Hollings


Ally choreographs her own special little dance to 'Super Freak' as she tells roommate Renee that she's planning a dinner party and apparently the two go hand in hand. Why hasn't Martha Stewart done a program on this topic?

Ally is instantly taken with her newest client George Madison, played by John Ritter of Three's Company fame. Thus beginning a whole tortured romance that was totally beyond my scope, did I miss the part when he morphed into George Clooney?

Anyway since all the firm's cases are either sex, religion, or some combination of the two, Madison happens to be an editor who believes he was wrongfully terminated due to his religion. Oh, and there's much speculation about Elaine's relationship with Jack-um-George when she gives him one of her customized rubbers that says 'been there.'

Stefan, the introduction: The uni-sex is an unsafe haven for the lady lawyer when The Biscuit's slimy frog leaps from the toilet seat and lands in her hair.

In the courtroom, it's explained that George was found out to be a Baptist and that this undermines his working for a feminist magazine. Boss Catherine Hollings explains that the faith requires a belief that women should exist as June Cleaver once did, no G.I. Jane's allowed. Judge Walsh however, has his own beliefs, like no attorney should walk into his courtroom with such insultingly short hemlines as Ms. McBeal's.

As time goes by, George wins his job back but Ally is jailed for contempt of court, giving many professional female disapprovers a vicarious thrill. All seems lost the following day when Ally calls the judge a pig, until Nelle comes to the rescue, so well-spoken and in control, we are left to wonder even further if a neurotic like Ally could fight her way out of a paper bag.

There was less tension during Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? than at Ally's debut soiree. Renee's date Ben Beal, outspoken (who else could date the roomie) mentions the skirt issue, sending Billy on a diatribe about women's low opinions on men's lack of control over their libido, and to even suggest he slip on some speedos to express his individuality. When everyone begins to boil over with anger, Ally refuses to let them leave and ruin her party, whether they like it or not! Ben becomes a strange voice of reason, saying that it's okay to be insane around people as long as they are all close pals.

Love Report: Ling is a new breed for Richard, she places a great importance on a first kiss, Fish passes the test however, with her expert guidance. Meanwhile, I guess we were supposed to gasp at the ending, since just when Ally is sure she's falling head over feet for George (Whyyy?), we learn that he is Elaine's boyfriend.

AM-204 1998 Almost Human

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