Happy Trails

Season: 2

Episode: 7

Production Code: AM208

First Air Date: November 9, 1998

Director: Jonathan Pontell

Writer: David E. Kelley

# of Times Richard said Bygones: ?

Guest Stars:

Rob Schneider
Dyan Cannon as Judge Whipper Cone
Phil Leeds as Judge Boyle
Jennifer Holliday as Lisa Knowles
Melanie Chartoff as Joanne Poole
John Fleck as Attny. Spicer
Louis Giambalvo
Lucy Liu as Ling Woo


You had to know that Ally's fondest wish would turn into her worst nightmare, she has a man giving her bouquets of flowers, showering her with his undivided attention, and it's driving her insane! He comes in the person of Ross Fitzsimmons a snivling little loser, who is so accustomed to such tricks that he doesn't bat an eyelash when Elaine announces Ally is dead. Elaine does the next best thing & plants a slobbery kiss on the lady lawyer, labeling her a lesbian. Now, not to get off topic but doesn't it seem hypocritical that a few years ago this same network got all flabbergasted by a male/male kiss on Melrose, two people with feeling for one another is ostentatious,but this is fine. Anyway, a glutton for punishment Ally agrees to another date.

Medic Stat: Nelle comes into John's office trying to be nice, but he's so distraught over Stefan's lack of health that he lashes out at the blonde, demonstrating all too well how she assaulted him with a file folder, sending Stefan flying out onto the window ledge. Out on a ledge? Hasn't Dr. Tracy billed John enough hours for him to get that this is some kind of sign? While Ling busily concocted a rescue operation, Stefan managed to hop back inside, for now at least.

In courtroom news, Billy and Georgia co-council orange skinned Joanne Poole, who believes her odd pigment was reason for dismissal from her job. Judge Happy Boyle presiding, first things first, he checks out the woman's teeth. Later, everyone is shocked when the Judge slumps over the bench and passes away.

Stefan, the life that was: At a Chinese restaurant with friends Richard, Nelle and Ling; John has Stefan sent into the kitchen to be fed some fresh lettuce via Ling's translating. A slight boo, boo, occurred prompting John to stand up in front of everyone recounting the trials and tribulations of the great Stefan including the fact that he'd just been consumed as the main course. You'd wonder that The Biscuit didn't give up restaurants after the horsemeat trial.

Ally knew she would be in for a rough night when earlier in the day Ross drew up an itinerary for their evening, she decides to drag Renee along into her misery, but they manage to escape after a short time due to the death of Judge Boyle. Ross returns once more and goes along with it when Elaine has him hop on one foot while blowing a whistle. Cruelly, and quite giddily, she informs him that an woman like Ally would never go for a dumpy man who hops around blowing a whistle. Don't feel too bad for him however, once Ally drums it home for the last time, he bumps into orange-tinted Joanne and romance blooms.

Nelle attempts to console a deflated Biscuit, remarking that Stefan didn't taste all that great, he was even kind of tough, and the pair laugh about the frog's life, until Ally joins in and Cage becomes thoroughly depressed again.

The entire firm attends Judge Happy Boyle's funeral service, with Billy suggesting that they all show their teeth, even the false ones, in tribute him. The show closes with the seemingly forever burgeoning yet never officially there romance of John and Nelle finally switching into, well, some sort of gear anyway. Knowing the perennially nervous little man will never make the first move as he walks her home complete with that whistling nose of his, Nelle catches him by surprise with a kiss.

AM-208 1998 Almost Human

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