Just Looking

Season: 2

Episode: 8

Production Code: AM209

First Air Date: November 16, 1998

Director: Vince Misiano

Writers: David E. Kelley & Shelly Landau

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 1

Guest Stars:

Lucy Liu as Ling Woo
Justin Theroux as Raymond Brown
Tony Plana as Judge Figueroa
Christine Ebersole as Marie Stokes
Eric Scott Woods as Jack Clooney
Reese Selley
Brad Grunberg as Emcee


Ling (probably with a hard L) is on the warpath and nobody better get in her way, after all, she must have learned a move or two at the mud wrestling club she owns, it also happens to have her on the wrong end a law suit. Mothers Opposed to Pornographic Entertainment (MOPE) are doing their best to get the place closed down.

Invention alert: Elaine's latest creation is a toilet complete with seat warmer, an auto-flusher, and with the push of a button the seat will rise and fall.

The court corridors always seem so ripe with lost loves, as the underused Georgia discovers that an old semi-boyfriend of her's named Raymond Brown is defending MOPE's cause. Cute and bright, Ally's of course interested, and Georgia, wanting to convince herself that there are no lingering feelings offers to set them up. Trial-wise, Marie Stokes a spokesperson for MOPE, helps in dive-bombing her own case, when she tells Nelle that mud wrestling is degrading apparently only because the participants don't work for the same high fees that R-rated movie actresses do.

Who knows what to make of this little absurdity? Ally gets stuck inside a toilet; lawyer's will really have no dignity left by the time this series is through. John is horrified that the sacred bowl must be cracked open by firefighters for the rescue, while Billy and Georgia keep Raymond away from the horribly red in the face young woman.

For strictly professional reasons John Cage and Richard Fish volunteer to go on a fact finding mission inside the racy establishment. Fish goes one on one with a female wrestler, more concerned with stroking her wattle than pinning her. The men return to the office announcing that nothing salacious goes on inside Ling's club, just some ogling.

Billy and Georgia accompany Ally and Raymond to the bar, but with the latter still hurting from her escapades in the uni-sex, Georgia takes her place on the dance floor seeming quite comfortable in the handsome lawyer's arms. Ally gives her 'friend' a little warning chat, apparently forgetting that she flirts with Georgia's husband every second of the day.

Meanwhile in court, Ling testifies that she's exploiting men and their dumb sticks not women, it's no worse than Manolo Blahnik's or Maybelline. Despite the fact that Nelle makes a great decision to bring in a male stripper/lawyer to testify, she doesn't agree with her friend thinking mud wrestling only compounds the problem and takes herself off of the case. She hands the reins to Richard, an expert on dumbsticks. The strategy pays off and Ling's mud wrestling continues.

Major sparks fly in the elevator when Raymond confesses that he's always carried a torch for Georgia, even though they only went out on one disastrous date. He pushes the stop button and asks for one kiss, just so he can savior what he'll be missing. She politely declines and the ride resumes, then the two proceed in a flirtatious little game of stop and go, until at last when their lips are nearly connecting the elevator door opens. The chemically charged pair part forever, leaving us to wonder why on earth did she ever pick Billy when she could have had this guy?

AM-209 1998 Almost Human

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