Pyramids on the Nile

Season: 2

Episode: 14

Production Code: AM214

First Air Date: February, 15 1999

Director: Elodie Keene

Writer: David E. Kelley

# of Times Richard said Bygones: ?

Guest Stars:

Jesse L. Martin as Dr. Greg Butters
Conor O'Farrell as Jordan
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Peter Birkenhead as Steve
Kenneth Kimmins as ?
Larry Brandenburg as ?
Anna Nicole Smith as Myra Jacobs
Bruce Nozick as ?
Paul Perry (Perri) as Jamison
Lauren Bowles as Callie
J. Karen Thomas as ?


The Valentine's Day effort gets off to an intriguing beginning, as Ally envisions the dancing baby masquerading as Cupid, spraying her and Dr. Greg Butters with arrows. The pair kiss, as Ally is no doubt ecstatic to have some semblance of a boyfriend at this point on the calendar, and former beau Billy spies it all.

To confound matters even more, Ally and Billy partner up for Myra Jacobs a woman contesting a will that cut her off when she elected to remarry. Judge Hopkins reminds the pair that said restrictions are only invalid when the intent is punitive. As if fantasizing that her legs have been cut off wasn't punishment enough, Billy lashes out at her lack of preparedness, saying she was too gaa-gaa over the doctor to do her job. Ally is understandably explosive over the accusation.

In another one of those this rings close to home cases that the firm is so famous for Nelle and The Biscuit represent Steve Cloves and Callie Horn, they defied their employers' no dating policy and were subsequently terminated. While Ling is busy seductively licking Richard's finger in an attempt to finagle an official position at the firm, she consents to take the stand and discuss her sexual harrassment suit (steel plant). John's closing is quick and to the point, stating that Steve and Callie's life together should remain private, they won $942,000.

Meanwhile on the pretense of business, Billy (he fears Ling will become his boss) asks Ally to join him for drinks so they may discuss the situation. Not being the all work, no play sort, he confesses that after seeing the kiss, he realized that he'll never love any one the way he loved her. Run, Ally, run. Sometime later Billy tells Ally that if it weren't for her he would have quit the firm since Ling has indeed been hired.

Sex-capades: Ling introduces the world to the hair tickle, as she brushes her luxurious locks against Richard's skin.

The denouement includes a teaser of fantasy, after deciding to dine with Greg, Ally is about to leave her office when her beloved Billy is blocking the exit, he declares her the woman of his dreams and they kiss tenderly. Ally in fact ends up riding the elevator alone.

AM-214 1999 Almost Human

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